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U.S. Vietnam Relations in the Asia Pacific a dynamic and prosperous

Staff official visit at the invitation of U.S. President Barack Obama, State President Truong Tan Sang has important speech at the Center for Strategic Studies and International USA, 257 pm ( U.S. time )

Dear Dr. John Hamre, President, General Director of the Center for Strategic Studies and International USA . In the auditorium today, I know many well-known scholars, many have long-term concerns with Vietnam. Many were and are a very important contribution to relations between Vietnam and the United States. Please send to you my best wishes and sincere thanks nhatToi appreciate the role of CSIS, as an academic center, leading strategic research in the United States and around the world, in strengthening dialogue, understanding between the world, scholars and people of the country, and plays a very important role in raising awareness of issues related to security, peace, stability and prosperity in the world. It is the interest and benefits that all countries share. This is an important factor and is essential for promoting the cooperation and development of relations between Vietnam and the United States in the coming. I want to share some thoughts about the context of the Asia Pacific and the U.S. Vietnam relations in the context doVai leading role in the economic links gioiNhung profound shift, unmatched worldwide over the past decade confirms, in the 21st century, Asia Pacific region continues to be the most dynamically developing and plays a leading role in the world economy linked. This is a focused area 10 of the 20 largest economies, the proportion of trans-Pacific trade now accounts for two thirds of global trade, contributed nearly 40% of global growth. President Truong Tan Sang met President of the World Bank ( WB ), Jim Yong Kim Photo VNA Asia Pacific today is to create opportunities for all countries in the world. United States share the Pacific coast, European relations with history, the Indian Ocean coastal countries tied to Pacific Ocean through the Strait of Ma shook ca.

The economic prosperity of every country in the region whether it is the United States, China, Japan, Korea, or India and ASEAN countries have contributed to the prosperity of the whole region. And vice versa, a prosperous Asia is strong impetus for the development of each country in the region. The development of the region associated with the rest of the world. So, the big countries in Asia -Pacific in the priority position of his policies is inevitable. Great opportunities that Asia Pacific is bringing the trend to promote cooperation, dynamic link. The regional forums such as APEC and inter-regional, ASEM continue to play an important role in the link between the coastal countries to Asia Pacific, between Europe and Asia. In the last few years, besides implementing free trade agreement ( FTA ) bilateral and multilateral signed, countries are also pushing for stronger economic links last a lot about the deeper levels, scale and economic space, Agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership ( TPP ), Agreement on Comprehensive Economic Partnership area ( RCEP ) and the Free Trade Area of Northeast Asia. All links will channel big proportion and will bring significant changes in the global economy, contributing to the development of new dynamic, prospects and opens up towards a free trade area for the whole Asia -Pacific ( FTAAP ). We can say, the successful implementation of this link is of strategic importance to us all.

To ensure a stable environment for the realization of your potential nangThua . But, those that have the potential to become a reality or not depends on the environment of peace, regional security. To ensure a peaceful environment, stable, prevent conflicts and control is a shared responsibility of all countries in the region and beyond. The building and strengthening a structure to strengthen regional cooperation, water connection between economically, commercial, political, security, culture, society is the most effective guarantee for peace and prosperity. Located in the heart of the region spanning from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean and is the bridge between the great powers, medium and small countries, ASEAN is extremely important position in the cooperation process in Asia…

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