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China building first vessel for underwater archaeology
China plans to build its first vessel capable of retrieving archaeological findings from the sea by the end of 2013, a major step to strengthening the underwater search abilities of Chinese archaeologists who currently rely on rented shipping boats. The 4.8-metre wide and 56-metre long boat, to be powered by an integrated full electric propulsion system, will “basically” meet China’s underwater archaeological needs, according to a statement released by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH) on Wednesday. Continue reading Chinadaily.com.vn (24/10/2012)  
Obama and Romney tackle 14 top science questions
Scientific American partnered with grassroots organization ScienceDebate.org earlier this summer to encourage the two main presidential candidates — Barack Obama and Mitt Romney — to answer 14 questions on some of the biggest scientific and technological challenges facing the nation. President Obama and Governor Romney have now answered these Top American Science Questions, which you can read below. Continue reading Nature 5/9/2012
Can Vietnam Create the Next Silicon Valley?
HANOI, Vietnam — “Let me explain how a startup works,” said Csaba Bundik, executive director of the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam. In an unheated room in the unfinished part of a shopping mall, about 70 young Vietnamese in puffy winter coats took notes on smartphones. “You start with an idea. But you have to show that it’s not just a brilliant idea—it’s a brilliant business.” I’d come to Indochina Plaza, one of the newest malls in Hanoi, on a Saturday morning to attend Vietnam’s first startup fair. Despite the lack of heating and bare ceiling pipes, the room...
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