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World Blood Donor Day 2012 – Photo Contest Announcement

We are seeking from you a work that could bring great honor to blood donors – the unsung heroes, and at the same time could inspire people to join in the act of saving lives.

Theme: Every Blood Donor Is A Hero

What to enter

A filled application which consists of:

-An appealing photo of your chosen model. Your model must be one among the people joining AmCham’s World Blood Donor Day on June 12, 14, and 15.

-The transcript of an interview with your donor in English. This part should include both Question (from you) and Answer (from your model) and should be less than 200 words.

-Your model’s contact information.

Each participant submits only 1 application.

Please download the application here doc file, 1.8MB.

How to enter

Send us your application via email: thuy.nguyen@amchamvietnam.com

Your email’s Subject should be: Photo Contest – [Your Code]


12:00pm, Friday June 15th, 2012


-Every photo requires an interview attached.

-People of all age groups are welcome.

-The number of candidates: 30 photographers with 30 applications.

-Color, or black & white images.

-No retouching or Photoshop techniques (montage or double exposure) to be applied to the images.

-Do not use camera phones.

-The picture size should be less than 8MB.


1st Prize: Trophy, Certificate, and a 16 GB Memory Card

2nd Prize: Certificate and an 8 GB Memory Card

3rd Prize: Certificate and an 8 GB Memory Card

2 runners-up: Certificate and a 4 GB memory Card


Congratulations to the Winners:

First Place Winner

Fearless - Photo by Nguyen Thi Hoang Yen (Hoa Sen University)
“Fearless” by Nguyen Thi Hoang Yen (Hoa Sen University)



How many times have you donated blood until now? Could you tell me your feeling after donating blood?


This is my first blood donation. After donating blood, I’m happy because I believe that my blood can help someone. Nowadays, there is a great demand in blood transfusion. Now I’m healthy and available to give blood so I do this. I hope I can bring happiness to others.

Second Place Winner

Photo by Pham Minh Thu (TRG International)
“An Bui” by Pham Minh Thu (TRG International)



Why did you donate blood? How are you feeling now?


There are millions of people across the world who are in need of blood transfusions because of surgeries, car accidents, war, natural disasters and to treat illnesses like kidney and liver diseases and cancer. Whatever the reasons may be, it doesn’t change the fact that 1 pint of donor blood can save three lives. My blood can give them a life and once day, the donor blood may help get my life back in the accident case too.
I feel like a hero. Because after donation, I can get over my scare. That’s not just become healthier or just save a life, I also get to do these life changing acts without spending a dime!

Third Place Winner

Share Happiness - Photo by Huynh Thi bao Khanh (APS Co., Ltd)
“Share Happiness” by Huynh Thi bao Khanh (APS Co., Ltd)



Could you share your feeling with me after donating your blood?


This is the first time I have donated blood, so at first I feel nervous. But I have learnt about blood donation before deciding to give my blood. I know that blood donation is not harmful to my health and I always encourage myself “ This is a good chance I do a good job, useful to society”. I feel really happy when I contribute to save the life of the patient, bring joy to their families. Every blood donor feel happy with their doing. Perhaps I and they have a same thinking that we share not only our blood but also our happiness. I hope more and more people will join this meaningful activity.


Save Life by My Blood - Photo by Chau Hong Duc (AmCham Scholars Alumni)
“Save Life by My Blood” by Chau Hong Duc (AmCham Scholars Alumni)



Why did you decide to donate blood even though you had to cease your heavy work as a tourist guard outdoor?


I think that blood donation is a very meaningful activity which is so much helpful for the whole community. I want to devote my blood in order to save more lives. Technically, my job is quite heavy which require me to stay out-door in a whole day to protect tourists, but, when I heard about the event via tower’s security guards, I accepted to stop my work for a while to donate blood because I believe that someone will be saved by my blood. I promise I will participate more in blood donation events in the future is possible.


Everyone Can Be a Hero in Their Own Way - Photo by Pham Thi Khanh Van (AmCham Scholars Alumni)
“Everyone Can Be a Hero in Their Own Way” by Pham Thi Khanh Van (AmCham Scholars Alumni)



In order to honor blood donation for humanitarian purpose, the theme of AmCham’s World Blood Donation Day this year is “Every blood donor is a hero”. Can you tell me what reason for you to come here today? and how do you think about becoming a hero (as what the theme expressed)?


This is the first time I have entered for a blood donation day but I think it was very common and necessary for everyone to give their hand to help society. Although I had worked continuously from 5 a.m. early morning till 2 p.m. I spent time by changing shift with my partner to join the event. My last company didn’t have this meaningful kind of event so I don’t have any experience about this. However, when I worked for New World Hotel, I had listened the announcement from Miss Huong of AmCham Vietnam and decided to join.
I think it isn’t worth calling me as “a hero”. I just think that when I’m healthy, I should help other poorer ones. When I’m sick, maybe I will receive the helps from community as this way (this event)…This is always a great long tradition of Vietnamese people.


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