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The Opening Ceremony Of Academic Year 2012-2013

On the morning of October 6, 2012 Hoa Sen University formally held the Opening Ceremony of Academic Year 2012-2013 at Location 10, in Quang Trung Software Park.

This ceremony welcomed the participation of the honored guests representing the diplomatic bodies in HCM City; of the Academic Board; of the Deans and the Deputy Deans of the Departments; of the University’s teaching staff, and members; of some representatives of students’ parents; and of more than 2,600 new students.

In her speech of opening the new academic year 2012-2013, Dr. Bui Tran Phuong, President of Hoa Sen University, expressed her delight about this important event, congratulated the new students on their passing the entrance examination 2012 with difficulties and challenges so as to enter Hoa Sen University, and added: “I can say without hesitation that all of you, the new students, should be proud of choosing Hoa Sen University for your study and research. The University’s teaching staff will do their best to guide all of the students of Hoa Sen University to the bright future which you deserve enjoying.”   


The Deans and Deputy Deans of the Departments and Sections of Hoa Sen University also addressed their advices and words of encouragement to the new students on the occasion of opening the new academic year.

Dr.  Nguyen Thien Phu  – Deputy Dean of Economics and Commerce

Ms. Đao Thi Hai , MA – Deputy Dean of Professional Training

Associate Professor Bui Xuan An (Ph.D), Dean of Science & Technology Department

Dr. Pham Quoc Loc – Dean of Linguistics and Cultural Study Department

Prof. Vu Đuc Vuong – Director of General Education Program

 In the opening ceremony, the University awarded scholarships to some students studying here, and some new students who have just entered Hoa Sen University’s cultural environment. These scholarships included those for talents, those for study encouragement, and those for surmounting hard situations. These scholarships are really the material and spiritual support offered to the students by the University’s teaching staff. In addition to 133 scholarships by the University with total value of some 1.5 billion VND, this academic year has the scholarships from Joint Stock Company of Refrigeration Technology (Searefico) with total value of 300 million VND, and those from Unicons Company with total value of 500 million VND.    

Dr. Bui Tran Phuong, President of Hoa Sen University – offered the scholarships for talents to the new students

Ms. Pham Thi Thuy, MA – Deputy Principal of the University – offered the scholarships for study encouragement to the students 

Associate Prof. Bùi Xuân An (Ph.D) – Dean of Science & Technology Department – offered the scholarships for surmounting hard situations

Dr. Bui Tran Phuong, President of Hoa Sen University – beat the drum for opening the new academic year

With the topic of new academic year: “to live as one should, to study as one must, and to see oneself as part of the world”, Hoa Sen Univeristy wishes to bring a comprehensive learning environment which supplies knowledge and personality improvement to young men who have just left High School and begin to enter the university lecture hall. In order that the topic of this academic year is not merely a slogan, but infuses every practical activity during the new students’ process of learning and training, Hoa Sen University’s teaching staff will increasingly do their best to bring them interesting learning opportunities and international experience for their positive choice of their own future. As for the new students, they should deeply think about this topic and try to follow; and keep in mind that they come to university in order not only to study but also to see themselves as part of the world and as global citizens.   


By Nguyen Thuy-Translated by Anh Dung


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