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The end of the Summer Programme: smiles and tears

Hoa Sen University’s one-month 2015 Summer Programme has helped high school students become more self-reliant and confident, enabling them to take the initiative.

At the ceremony ending the programme held on July 3, Dr Bui Tran Phuong, the university’s rector, congratulated more than 100 attendees who finished the programme. 

“You experienced connections and hardship like a grownup. In the Summer Programme, you have gained experience as a university student. You used theory obtained in the programme to develop skills through field trips. The programme equips you with necessary skills to learn at university.”

Phuong said she was happy about attendees’ maturation during the programme. “After memorable experiences this summer, you will make a detailed plan and take step by step to carry out a plan to study at university.”

An art show included performance by Summer Programme attendees

She added: “Hoa Sen University will hold a Summer Programme every year since this year. It will be a promising site for high school students each summer. It also is an effort to strengthen career counselling and carry out non-profit missions which the university is carrying out.”

Dr Bui Tran Phuong said the attendees make a detailed plan and take step by step to carry out a plan to study at university. 

The results of the photo contest of SP15 in My Mind was announced at the ceremony. Ten photos which were liked, commented and shared on Facebook Fanpage of the university won prizes.

Representative of Vatel Programme, the main sponsor of photo contest SP15 in My Mind, presented certificates to the attendees.

Saying goodbye, but planning to meet again!

More than 100 high school students attended the programme, which provided preparation skills for learning in universities and other skills, such as those for communication, efficient learning and internet exploitation. They experienced life as a university student, and career counselling also was provided. Moreover, knowledge about climate change in urban areas and gender inequality was also taught.

Pham Lam Hoa An of Nguyen Cong Tru High School thanked the Summer Programme for helping her feel more confident.

Thanh Ha, student at Thu Ñuc High School, and one of the programme’s attendees, said that initially she was alone and did not dare talk to any friends in the programme. Later, other friends took the initiative in making friends with Ha. Gradually, she became more open, and made more and more friends. She liked attending the programme every day at the university, meeting friends and lecturers. “How quickly one month passed! I wish the programme would be longer,” she said.

Thanh Ha of Thu Duc High School 

Doan Trang of Hung Vuong High School was moved to tears and said: “Knowledge taught at the programme is useful. Hoa Sen University connected me with wonderful friends and provided interesting experiences.” Pham Luan Hoa An of Nguyen Cong Tru High School said: “Previously, I felt unconfident and scared of everything. The programme’s lecturers taught me how to become confident and brave so I can face difficulties and hardship.” Quoc Tuan of Hoang Hoa Tham added that he learned how to understand other people, to share, and to strive for beauty in life and to use time efficiently.

The programme also helped attendees define their objectives and make a detailed plan to gain their goals. For instance, Nhu Quynh of Bui Thi Xuan High School said that she would study overseas and major in climate change, contributing to environmental protection. Hai Anh of Hung Vuong High School said that he would major in design at a famous university in the country in order to work in shoe design.

Minh Ngoc of Nguyen Khuyen High School, a representative of the programme’s attendees, thanked Hoa Sen University’s lecturers for the useful summer progamme. When the programme ended, many attendees cried. They did not want to say goodbye.

Lai Quoc Tuan – Hoang Hoa Tham High School

Nhu Quynh of Bui Thi Xuan High School said: “Thanks to attending the programme’s session on what young people can do to adapt to climate change, I would like to become an expert in the field to protect the environment.”

Minh Ngoc – Nguyen Khuyen High School

Saying goodbye, but planning to meet again.


“I Love the Summer Programme”

Ngân Hà
Translated by Phan Nhi 


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