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Sous Vide – new cooking technique explained

Sous Vide, a new cooking technique, helps to prepare deliciously tender beef at the Mon Ngon Viet Nam Kitchen Studio. It was taught at a second workshop of Cook Your Knowledge held by the Culinary Art Club on June 14.

With the sous vide technique, food is cooked and stored in a vacuum and hot water environment.

Measuring the temperature of beef is an important step of the Sous Vide technique. 

Beef is cooked at a temperature of 52-59 degree Celsius. Different kinds of meat are cooked at different temperatures and times. The techniques help maintain the meat’s nutritional component and the taste

Cook Nguyen Hoang Nam, who is member of Infinity Laboratory, provided technical assistance to the workshop.

Nguyen Hoang Nam, a member of Infinity Laboratory, researches modern cooking technologies namely Modern Gastronomy, Culinology, etc,  was a guide at the workshop. He answered questions on sous vide techniques and how to cook beef with modern methods.

The enthusiastic attendance of students also contributed to the workshop’s success.

The workshop attracted not only students but also professional cooks such as Cam Thien Long. Long will be a main guide for the club’s next workshops.

Cook Cam Thien Long  (third from right)

The Culinary Art Club thanked participants for spending their time to attend the workshop. Thanks to media such as HTV3. It is expected that the club will attract more participants in future workshops.

More detail: https://www.facebook.com/culinaryartclubhsu

Reported by Nhu Hue
Translated into English by Gia Nhi


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