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Short film about friendship and love wins first prize at Sfilm Contest 2015

The Sfilm Contest 2015 ended with a Gala Night for Awards on October 31 at Hoa Sen University. The awards ceremony brought joy and surprise as well as regret. It also had an interesting atmosphere because of Halloween night.

Among the more than 40 films, the short film Loyalty from the EÙn Film duo was highly praised and had the highest number of votes. This was a moving film about friendship and the love of a dog for his owner, who is poor.

Loyalty, a short film from the two-student team, EÙn Film group, won first prize at the Sflm Contest 2015

The award for the most beautiful cinematography was presented to the Other Side film from the Ncut two-student team. 

The short film Other Side, from the Ncut group, won the prize for beautiful cinematography.

The Through the Lens film from the Ignition Film group won a prize for a film poster with images drawn by hand. 

The contest will be held next year with more challenges and competitions.

The Sfilm Contest 2015 was organised by Hoa Sen University’s Training Centre. Media sponsor, TV channel Yeah1, which also has a website, has agreed to report the film contest.

Chu Nhi – Khanh Uyên
Translated into English by Phan Nhi

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