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Opening Academic Year (2012-2013): Speech of Dr. Bui Tran Phuong



Dear students and parents, colleagues, and distinguished guests,

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your presence in a very day special to the university, the students and, of course, their parents. It is special not because it’s the opening ceremony of a new academic year. It is so because it is a milestone in life. For some of us here, we can barely remember how it took place and perhaps did not even have the opportunity to experience it. But I do remember how being a first-year college student changed my life. This opening ceremony is the proper way to praise it with our students, because they will carry this memory with them for a long time. Thus I am pleased and honored to join with the parents, colleagues, and distinguished guests from national and international agencies and corporations to celebrate such a special day of our students.

Dear students,

You must be proud of yourself and I am sure that your parents are also proud of you for your achievement of passing the national entrance exam to be here today.  Please remember that having your footsteps in Hoa Sen is important, which is why we are here today to rejoice, but it is only the beginning of a process. We all will have to work very hard in the next few years so that you will have a future of prosperity and success that you all deserve. And I believe we can do it. Of course together.

I say all of this with such confidence for the following reasons:
First, Hoa Sen University faculty is composed of excellent instructors many of whom received education from countries renowned for their high quality training. They are young and innovative and will be able to employ modern teaching techniques and pedagogy to facilitate you study.  An increasing number of Hoa Sen University faculty also participate in different local and international research projects, service learning initiatives, and community outreach. I trust they will be able to provide you with good guidance and wise advice for your curricular and extra-curricular activities during your study at Hoa Sen. And for that reason; I encourage you to work with them closely, ask them interesting questions, and participate in their activities. Please challenge them intellectually but respectfully.

Second, Hoa Sen University is also a very young and innovative institution. We encourage students to take elective courses outside their fields or majors. You will find numerous opportunities to expand your horizon. We have signed agreements with universities in France, the US, Thailand, and other countries that allow foreign students to take classes at Hoa Sen and vice versa, students at Hoa Sen to take classes in those countries.  We also offer courses in English and you can take those courses with foreign students coming from different parts of the world. Can you imagine working with those students in English, asking them questions, and discuss a topic with them? I am sure it will not be easy at the beginning and you have to work much harder. But once championing this challenge, you will be so proud of yourself for good reasons.

Third, the Hoa Sen University’s Board of Directors is committed to high quality education and its leadership is strongly motivated and steered by this vision. The Board is also committed to preparing you not only for your professional career but also for your future with challenges, joys, happiness, and even sorrow. We are able to do so because we always care about your personal development during your study at Hoa Sen. On behalf of the Board, I promise to you that we will work very hard to address your concerns, to offer you the best education environment possible, and to show our dedication to your success.
And of course, we will not be able to do those things without your cooperation. While we have to work hard to deliver our promise to you and your parents, you have to study hard to earn what you deserve. You should notice that the theme for this academic year is To live as one should, to study as one must, and to see oneself as part of the world. I strongly urge you to think deeply about this theme and behave accordingly. To live as one should, you will behave responsibly at Hoa Sen and wherever you go. To study as one must, you will work hard and fully comply with the university’s academic policies and rules. And you must not think that you will just come here to Hoa Sen to study, you come here to be connected to the world and become a global citizen.

Dear parents,

I would like to thank you for your confidence in sending your beloved sons and daughters to Hoa Sen. I am sure you chose to do so because you believe in our education quality and you believe that we are the best option for your children’s future. I can guarantee to you that we will do our part to ensure your children reach their sky, fulfill their dreams, and pursue their choices of career. However, we cannot do so without your help. We believe in holistic education and we believe it is best delivered by both the family and the university. We encourage you to work with us and to willingly let your children explore diverse educational opportunities in the disadvantaged community or in a different country.  The future of your children is the result of the collaboration between you and Hoa Sen and I look forward to your support.

Dear distinguished guests,

On behalf of the Hoa Sen University community, thank you for being here with us. Your presence demonstrates your long standing commitment to our educational mission in the Ho Chi Minh City area, one of the most dynamic centers of economic growth in the country and perhaps the region. I am glad that a number of you have supported us for a long time. Others have just started. I hope that our relationship continues to prosper to benefit the students, who will contribute significantly to Viet Nam in its course of economic development and global integration. Our relationship will also broaden opportunities for international students who come and study at Hoa Sen. And for all of those, I would like to thank you again.

I would like to conclude my speech by wishing all students good health, good academic results, and happiness.

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