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HSU welcomes incoming students

Orientation programme helps new students adapt to university.

Hoa Sen University will help new students adapt to the university environment during an orientation programme to be held from October 3-11. The first activity is the Opening of Academic year 2014 – 2015, next is the activities of University and Faculty. The students will learn about the university’s establishment, development, vision, mission and core values specific to training programmes.

The Opening of Academic Year  2014 – 2015

Students will also have a chance to become acquainted with each other, and learn about the upcoming semester and extracurricular activities. They will receive updated information, and learn about academic resources and assistance services that can be provided during their years at the university. The university’s teachers, staff and students, as well as former students, will share useful information and help them quickly adapt to the school environment.

Health examinations scheduled at the beginning of the school year will also help them feel confident about their health status. The orientation week will end on October 11 with the Day for Welcoming New Students and meeting the members of university’s clubs.

Activities of Professional Education Faculty welcoms new students – 2014

Activities of Media Production & Management Program

The students will also hear a “Lecture about The School Year’s Beginning”, a tradition of the university for a number of years. This will be a chance for students to have a conversation with university leaders and scholars.  Dr Bui Tran Phuong, the university’s rector, said the students could learn from scholars’ experiences. The lecture reflects the university’s traditional fondness for learning.

Lecture about The School Year’s Beginning – 2014

The 2015-2016 school year is especially significant, as it marks 25 years of the university’s establishment and development. Twenty-five years confirms its position in scholarly activities, global outreach and liberal education. The one-week orientation programme and the opening ceremony for the new school year are both impressive activities celebrating the 25th anniversary of the university.

We hope that new students this year will take an interest in and actively participate in the university activities.

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