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Hoa Sen University wins 4th Prize Nationally Students and Information Security 2012 Contest

At the Grand Plaza Hotel in Hanoi in a contest finale named “Students and Information Security” held on November 23, 2012, the HSEC Team of Hoa Sen University won the National 4th prize.

Image of the primary contest round in the southern area

To reach the finale, the HSEC team outperformed 25 of 28 contestant teams and became one of the top 3 teams in the Southern Vietnam area, which included the BKITIS team at the HCMC University of Technology; and the ITIS1–DTU team at the Duy Tan University in Danang.

The HSEC team competed with these two teams at the finale, and also the three best teams of 21 contestants in the Northern Vietnam area. They were: the InfoSec team and the ACT team from the Academy of Cryptographic Techniques, and the K54CNTT team from the University of Technology- Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU).

The finale of this year’s contest included numerous novel features compared with those of previous years. The finale examination questions  were devised by Secunia, a high-prestige security team, who sent them to the Organization Board in Vietnam five minutes before the contest began. Six contestant teams were required to be on line simultaneously and logged into the online examination system. At the same time, six online examiners in Europe monitored and directly evaluated the results of the contestant teams, and updated their marks online via an assigned web.    

The exam questions of this year were more difficult than those of the previous years

This year’s contest was held in the form of war-games. The Organization Board formed a war-game page with different challenges and tasks according to set levels of difficulty; the teams tried their best to achieve these levels. There were three levels in all, each level consisting of 10 questions. The exam questions were written using the following structure: the problem plus part of a review for technical orientation; then the teams had to work out the best way to solve the problem to reach a solution. The teams were awarded one mark for each correct answer. From Level 1 to Level 3, the degree of thinking increased correspondingly, and the role of mechanical techniques decreased more and more. This year the questions were in English; some of them with the addition of Hungarian. Their main topic was heavily weighted towards two central fields in information security, Cryptography and Steganography; and trending toward Forensic Investigation.

Image of awarding the prizes to the Final Winners

The final results were as follows: The HSEC team received 7 marks to win the National 4th Prize. The First Prize was won by the BKITIS team from the HCMC University of Technology (9 marks); the Second Prize was WPM-BU the InfoSec team from the Academy of Cryptography Techniques; and the Third Prize went to the K54CNTT from the University of Technology, Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

The national contest “Students and Information Security 2012” was held by the Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA) in coordination with the Department of Information Technology (Ministry of Education and Training). This contest had 49 team participants from 25 universities in the Northern, Central, and Southern areas of Vietnam. The topic of the contest consisted of: Computer Network Security; Database and Application; Internet and E-Commerce Security; Analysis of Information Security System Structure and Evaluation Standards for Information Security; Speculations and Laws for Information Security; and Basic Techniques for Information Security (encrypting, digital authentication, anti-malicious codes, and firewalls …)

Six teams competed in the 2012 Finale: the BKITIS team from the HCMC University of Technology; the ISIT1-DTU team from Duy Tan University, Danang; the HSEC team from Hoa Sen University, HCM City; the INFOSEC team from the Academy of Cryptography Techniques, Hanoi; the K54CNTT team from the University of Technology, Vietnam National University, Hanoi; and the ACT team from the Academy of Cryptography Techniques. This was the second time that the Hoa Sen University team reached the Finale. At the “Students and Information Security 2010” contest, the Hoa Sen University team won the Southern First Prize and the National Third Prize.


By Nguyen Thuy – Translated by Anh Dung


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