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Hoa Sen university representative attended NIDA school of translation studies

Dr. Pham Quoc Loc, Director of the General Education Program at Hoa Sen University, was invited to attend and give a lecture at the Nida School of Translation Studies held at Istituto San Pellegrino, Misano, Italy, from May 19 to June 2, 2012. As a faculty member of the school, Dr. Pham presented his most recent study entitled “Deconstructing Translational Dichotomies: Vietnam in-between Globalization and Localization”. In his lecture, Dr. Pham traced the history of translation in Vietnam back to the traditional practice of diễn nôm and argued that originality and faithfulness as understood in Vietnam today are a recent notion brought about through colonialism. Apart from the lecture, Dr. Pham also held several tutorial sessions in which he discussed various issues in translation studies with individual participants of the school. This was the third time Dr. Pham participated in the Nida School of Translation Studies, and the first as a faculty member. “The experience at the school,” Dr. Pham said, “was amazing when I had the chance to give the lecture and received feedback from other faculty members and participants, who came from diverse fields of study and yet shared the same interest in translation studies. The interdisciplinary approaches and the international experience have always been the hallmark of the school. The two weeks at the school in the beach town of Misano was rigorous intellectually, and yet I found it highly enjoyable among people from around the world”.


“The Nida School of Translation Studies (NSTS), an initiative of the Nida Institute and affiliate of the newly launched journal, translation, convenes each year a two-week seminar. NSTS brings together experts from translation studies, religious discourse translation, and other cognate disciplines to explore translation theory and research across a wide variety of professions and academic fields. Lectures, seminars, guided readings, participant-led discussions, and tutorials provide the pedagogical tools for NSTS” (NSTS home page).

The Nida School Board of Directors has expressed their interest in collaborating with Hoa Sen University to organize an international conference on translation in 2014.

For more information about the Nida School of Translation Studies: http://nsts.fusp.it/nida-schools/nsts-2012


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