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Hoa Sen University Program Vocational Advice 2013

Hoa Sen University has begun its Vocational Advice 2013 program at several high schools in HCM City. The purpose of the program is to help high school students receive the necessary information on several occupations in society, and to orient them toward choosing jobs being suitably matched with their ability and interest. The program was carried out in 68 classes; Twelve of the 68 classes were carried out in four high schools in HCM City (Marie Curie, Bui Thi Xuan, Luong The Vinh, and Vo Thi Sau) from Dec. 24 – 28, 2012.

Period of vocational consultancy at Marie Curie High School – Photo: Lu Hieu

During the time-length of two learning periods Hoa Sen University’s lecturers, with their experience in many professional fields, provided the students with necessary information and advised, and then instructed them in correct job orientation so that they could avoid many risks involved in choosing an unsuitable job. The lecturers discussed matters such as: the influence of job orientation on their future; the major steps toward choosing a suitable occupation for oneself; information about the trends of the labor market; and also responded to questions about jobs available for them to choose.

Lecturer Phan Thi Nhi Hieu from the Economy-Commerce Department giving some advice on job choice to students – Photo: Lu Hieu

Particularly during the 2013 vocational advice season, Hoa Sen University is introducing the program to students on its Vocational Website: http://huongnghiep.hoasen.edu.vn/. With its multiple choice form to be filled out by the students, this website assists them in determining what their future jobs may be that are appropriate to their interest, advantages, and situation. Also, in this website students and their parents are referred to the Campus Tour 2013 program which provides information on future development trends of some professional branches in the country and in the world. In addition, students and/or their parents can forward their questions about future occupations to this website. Specialists will respond to the questions and their advice will be forwarded to the students or parents. 

The lecturers participate in vocational consultancy 2013 at Marie Curie High School. Photo: Lu Hieu

The Hoa Sen University Vocational Advice 2013 program is expected to be carried out in more than 20 high schools in the HCM City area this year, including many schools in the suburbs, and in several provinces adjacent to HCM City.

By Nguyen Thuy-Translated by Anh Dung


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