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Hoa Sen to become the first university in Vietnam to use global social network for teaching and learning

The agreement with CourseNetworking LLC (USA) allows Hoa Sen University to take advantage of TheCN.com. This is a global academic social network that connects individuals from across different universities over the world. Instructors can use this to share information about their course subjects and interact with others and students inside and outside Hoa Sen. And all will start in this semester.

TheCN.com has a very friendly interface with familiar functions

For a university in Vietnam, to join the international academe does mean a lot to its quality and is important to its future growth. While there may be other ways to do so, the approach of utilizing available high tech interactive tools will enhance learners’ and instructors’ experience thanks to instructor to student, instructor to instructor, and student to student communication.

TheCN.com (CourseNetworking) is a social network driven by a specific objective and crowdsourcing. It is to learn with global interaction that takes place in individual classrooms. TheCN.com has a very friendly interface with familiar functions often found in other common social networks such as Facebook. It also has unique and helpful features to allow users to have their own personal network or a community (conexus) to share learning and teaching materials or to hold discussion. This can be done without creating multiple group emails or facebook accounts for different classes. The instructor can create a post, conduct a survey, upload and share videos, and explore similar contents by other instructors in a university elsewhere.

Like any other teaching and learning tools, the power of TheCN.com is in the hands of the user. Its introduction at Hoa Sen opens a new door into enhanced experience and adventure, putting this powerful tool into the hands of Hoa Sen people so they will teach better and learn better.
by Ngoc Han



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