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Graduation fashion show

On 20th June at The Conference center of Gala Royal, No. 63 Mac Dinh Chi Street, District 1, Hoa Sen University will organize the night of fashion show and evaluation for the Fashion Design Students’ graduation collection.

In order to complete these collections, TK09 students, the first bachelor program of Fashion Design Department at Hoa Sen University, have passed over 4 years with professional assignments that provides them from basic skills such as finding out the color range for collection and the creative pattern… unto draping on mannequin and making pattern for garment completion. The most difficult thing is students need to understand the trend, apply the trend on design and know how to create the new trend.

During 15 weeks of graduation project, students have to find out the reasonable and feasable design concept and collection development plan under the serious professional instruction of lecturers from Mod’art International Paris. Everyday, they have to arrange time to buy material, do draping, knit, draw pattern, sew garment… All students’ process is checked carefully at their moodboard, sketches, models, draping… and their final garments will be fixed to become perfect. Moreover, students need to give the hairdresser and make up proposition, photoshoot storyboard and find the models that are suitable with their garments.

One of garments belong to TK09 student’s graduation collection

All collections will be sent to the Jury for assessment. The result will be announced on 20th June night and this is the final percentage to identify which collection is the best. The collections which did not meet the requirements will be done again next year and can’t be performed at the Fashion Creation 2013.

The Jury board includes famous designers, fashion editor from well-known fashion magazines in the world, fashion producers such as: Anna Võ, Quỳnh Paris, Marie Claire Yến Trương.

The Event includes 2 parts:
Part 1: (start at 5:30PM, free entrance): Exhibition of student works, collections won from the contests and graduation collections. Unveil the process of 15 weeks making collection through video clip at that night.
Part 2: (start at 7:30PM): Graduation Fashion Show with evaluation of famous experts and designers.



Translated into English My Hao

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