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Discussions held at Hoa Sen University by Associate Professor Evans Gouno

During his visit and discussions at Hoa Sen University from April 8 – 18, 2013, Professor Gouno from the University of Bretagne Sud (France) also conducted numerous operations at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Asscociate Prof. Gouno discussing mathematics with the lecturers and students of Hoa Sen Univesity
Professor Gouno said: “I had the opportunity to meet a group of students studying the branch of Applied mathematics and spent a full day talking with them. They are keen on their studies, and are energetic and hopeful about the future. I felt this through their questions put to me. This group of students is likeable and sociable.” 

According to Prof. Gouno, applied mathematics is so important because it is very useful in many different fields. Applied mathematics brings out the best in knowledge and controls the contributing factors for development in such fields as the economy, medicine and industry. It will, therefore, make an important contribution to the development of countries like Vietnam.

Knowing about the actual situation in Vietnam that many high school students love mathematics, they are, however, afraid that if they choose a mathematics profession, then they will hardly be able to find a job with high pay, Associate Prof. shared the following, “It’s not just that students in Vietnam have such thoughts; so do students in France. Many young men are perceived not to be hopeful about a mathematical profession as well as other sciences in general. I would like to encourage those who love mathematics to continue studying it. If someone is well trained in mathematics and develops their ability to apply mathematics to the field of medical health (such as health studies, plague studies, pharmaceutical industry studies), and to that of industry (transportation, quality control…), or to that of finance, insurance, then they can, in my opinion, expect to easily find a suitable job with very high pay.”

Assoc. Prof. Gouno considered his visit to HCM City a wonderful experience and he was deeply impressed by the cordial welcome given him by Hoa Sen University’s management and teaching staff. He would like to come back and learn more about Vietnam.

Associate Prof. Gouno and the lecturers of the Faculty of Science & Technology, Hoa Sen University
  • Associate Professor Evans Gouno (Ph.D) is now working in the Mathematics Department at the University of Bretagne Sud (France) where he specializes in  Statistical Probability.
  • From April 8 – 18, 2013 he visited and worked in the Applied Mathematics Section – Faculty of Science & Technology at Hoa Sen University. On April 17, he took part in the discussion held by the Applied Mathematics Section on the topic “Statistical Analysis of Self-Exciting Processes: An Application to Reliability and Thunderstorm.
By Tran Vu Duc
Translated in English Nguyen Anh Dung


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