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City Tour – Welcoming international students every semester

Amity is one of the student clubs at Hoa Sen University. Having all the unique features through teamwork activities, Amity was establish in 2009 with the primary goal is to improve personal knowledge, upgrade skills, give prominence to the respect and cultural variety.

Our vision and mission is to connect cultures, improve imaginativeness, responsibility and confidence for students to create an international learning environment. One of our outstanding activities is,  honorably  representing  Hoa Sen University to welcome the  international students at the beginning of each semester. The City Tour is well-organized in many different format to bring the international students closed to their new chapter living and studying in Hochiminh City. Amity has been developing many tours to visiti urban sites, historical places, temple etc.. This year witnessed a dramatic change of our City Tour since we organized it outside of HCM City in order to offer the international  students new places learning our history and culture.

Amity welcoming exchange students: raising curtain, making team 

Cu Chi Tunnels was ideal site because of the “titan wall” nomination as well as an deep and interesting view of Viet Nam which it offers. Moreover, Amity desired to honor the brave, cleverness and hard-working, the precious feature of Vietnamese people. In addition, Cu Chi tunnels offers a chance to blend in the nature as well as the countryside lifestyle, which is an very interesting experience.

Playing games, singing and talking with each other

In the City Tour, most of the international  students had memorable moments with the experiences of “crawling” through tunnels, listening to legends and interesting features as well as the history of Cu Chi Tunnels. Enjoying pandan leaf tea with steamed cassava all cooked by the famous wartime-kitchen – Hoang Cam was another unforgettable experience for the participant of City Tour. During the  tour, all of the tiredness from travelling and hot weather was easily overcame by the interesting games and songs of both exchange and Vietnamese students.  

Activities in Cu Chi Tunnels

Allan Bocq- Groupe ESC Troyes University – French exchange student talked about City Tour: “It was a very special and memorable tour which show us the interesting features as well as the friendliness and kind-hearted of Vietnamese people. Amity Club put in the tour lots of efforts. We really enjoyed and appreciated all the moments”.

It is honorable of Amity to represent for Hoa Sen University and somehow Viet Nam to introduce and transfer the precious feature of our culture as well as the active, imaginative, young and friendly generation of Viet Nam to friends from all over the world.

Thanh Hà – Thụy Vy

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