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2015 Fashion Show showcases talented young designers

Hoa Sen University’s professional education faculty on June 27 held an annual 2015 Fashion Creation Show to introduce fashion collections of its students who are majoring in fashion design. The show attracted more than 250 guests, including local and famous foreign designers.

At the show, Dao Thi Hai, the faculty’s head, said the 2015 Fashion Creation was a creative, interesting playground for fashion design students. It helps them become more confident in entering the competitive fashion world. The collections shown at the event showed the students’ creative process after studying and serious work. 

With 15 collections of 45 pieces of clothing each, students brought a creative and unique show. Each collection surprised audiences with their designs in which materials, patterns and colours were cleverly combined.

To complete their collection, each student spent 15 weeks on outlining a plan, selecting materials, and draping for fashion design, among other activities. Their ideas about fashion design as well as plans on producing and advertising their products were assessed by the Jury, including professionals and prestigious fashion designers such as Christian Poulot, pedagogy controller of Mod’s Art International Institute in Paris, Anna Vo,  Quynh Paris,  Aude Penouty,  Peùneùlope Cadeau and Xavier Commella.

Three collections were highly assessed by the Jury. They included the collection of Escapism by Trinh Luong Duong, who won a full scholarship to the Mod’s Art International Institute; the collection of Fly Me To Mars by Phan Duc Tho, who won a partial scholarship of the institute, and the collection of Splotchy Dance by Nguyen Ly Quynh Anh.

With the Escapism collection, Trinh Luong Duong won a full scholarship from Mod’s Art International Institute. 

With the collection Fly Me To Mars, Phan Ñöùc Thoï won a partial scholarship from the Mod’s Art International Institute.    

The collection of Splotchy Dance by Nguyen Ly Quynh Anh also was highly praised in the 2015 Fashion Show.

A. Mahdavy, head of the Mod’s Art International Institute, congratulates fashion design students on graduating from a four-year training programme

Dr Bui Tran Phuong, the university’s rector, said the show this year was better in professionalism and creativity compared to last year. Many other representatives had the same opinion as Phuong.  A. Mahdavy, the institute’s head, said that he was very proud of the collections’ quality, especially the two students who won the institute’s scholarships.

The training programme on fashion design for a bachelor’s degree is coordinated by Hoa Sen University and the Mod’s Art International Institute. In the programme, eastern and western culture share ideas. The programme focuses on developing creative art capacity and business skills as well.

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Khánh Vân – Hồng Ngọc
Translated by Phan Nhi

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