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Final round of TVCreate Contest 2023: Gen Z’s “methodical” marketing strategies

With creativity, research investment and understanding of the youth market, the contestants of the TVCreate 2023 contest – the young generation of Gen Z have come up with professional marketing strategies such as big brands and businesses.

Team DAKCO reviews with the Jury at the Final Round

TVCreate is an academic playground born in 2010 for those who love advertising and marketing nationwide organized by the Faculty of Management Economics – Hoa Sen University (HSU). This year is the 11th season of the contest, which is held for all young people from 16-24 years old nationwide. The final round of the contest took place on the evening of June 10, 2023.

Students present their group work.

After more than 3 months of launch, TVCreate has attracted nearly 100 teams from 40 universities across the country to participate. Overcoming 3 rounds with many strong opponents, the 6 best teams entered the final round.

Mr. Hoang Huy – Founder of HUGG Agency commented on the competition of the teams.

With the theme “Moments Of The Movement – catching the rhythm of change”, the task of the competition teams is to act as the marketing team of the camera brand Kodak – the main sponsor of the contest. With the rapid development and change of modern life, new trends appear constantly, technology and utilities are constantly improved… young people have the habit of taking and storing photos with smartphones. The powerful influence of today’s digital image storage has directly competed with the instant camera market as well as tarnishing the emotional, artistic and authentic value of every “live moment”.

The DAKCO team has passed many tests to become the champion of the contest.

With this topic, candidates must propose an integrated marketing communication plan for instant camera products with the aim: To make Kodak a popular instant camera among Vietnamese youth within 6 months.

From the first rounds, candidates have to make a proposal (draft plan) according to the topic, make a promotional TVC (viral clip) to post on the Facebook platform. At the final round, 6 competing teams presented their marketing plans to the program’s judges about the process of forming the proposal as well as showing the effectiveness of the marketing plans the teams set out.

A large number of students were present to support the teams competing in the final round.

The surprising thing is that the marketing plans of the competition teams are built professionally and thoughtfully. From market research, analyzing the audience of Kodak cameras, the reasons why Kodak is not popular with users, to mapping out strategies, stages to implement marketing campaigns, transmission channels, taking advantage of the KOLs (influential people), the cost … are analyzed carefully by the competition teams. In addition, the KPI plan (work efficiency measurement index) is also outlined in detail by the candidates, TVC advertising is also invested by students from ideas, characters, images… to create meaningful messages about instant cameras, thereby promoting consumer buying behavior.

Other teams of TVCreate 2023.

In the end, with a methodical marketing strategy and TVC message – “Brilliant moment – forever remembered”, the DAKCO team became the winner of the contest. The runner-up prize belongs to the Sense Team group, the third prize belongs to the Super Quartet group, the 3 consolation prizes belong to the groups: Touch , Double S, Har. The organizers also won Best Creative Idea for Sense Team and Best Production for Super Quartet.

Collective of the Organizing Committee, Jury, lecturers and contestants at the Final Round and awarding TVCreate 2023.

TVCreate 2022 is a playground for contestants to express their unlimited creativity and personality. The competition created a learning environment through practical experiences, helping contestants hone their skills in making commercials and implementing marketing plans with leading experts in the industry. From there, giving students the most complete experience of the process of implementing a marketing campaign for a brand.

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