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HSU signed cooperation agreements with 9 partners, increasing opportunities for Law students

With the motto of experiential learning, on March 19, Hoa Sen University (HSU) signed a cooperation agreement with 9 businesses and professional organizations in Law, bringing many internships, and working opportunities for Law students.

Dr. Nguyen Hoai Nam – Deputy Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and Law spoke at the signing ceremony.

Accordingly, HSU has signed cooperation agreements with 9 businesses and professional organizations including: Dong Nai Provincial Bar Association; Dai Viet Law Company Limited; Lien Viet Law Company Limited; YVNLAW Law Company Limited; D.E.S Law Firm Limited; Vietnam Energy Inspection Joint Stock Company; LAWPRO Law Firm; Tam Quang Law Company Limited. In addition to law businesses, HSU also signed with Jaxtina English System.

By signing this cooperation, HSU Law students will be given the opportunity to interact and learn with lawyers, participate in trials at courts, and go to law offices to practice and work. In addition, the cooperation agreement with Jaxtina English System will bring many scholarships, English courses such as IELTS, TOEIC, workshops, programs to improve English skills for students… Law students having good foreign language skills will have many opportunities to access legal environments, international businesses…

Lawyer Le Quang Y – Head of Dong Nai Province Bar Association shared at the event.

Lawyer Le Quang Y – Head of the Dong Nai Provincial Bar Association, said that Law students today have many job opportunities: “Studying law doesn’t mean you just become a lawyer in court and litigate, you can work for legal offices, legal representatives for businesses… And we are always ready to create conditions for students to practice and learn from experience. I look forward to having you become my colleagues and lawyers in the future.”

With dynamism, good integration and outstanding English skills, HSU students receive many compliments from partners and businesses. Lawyer Dao Nguyen Huong Duyen – Tran Van Khanh Law Office said that according to statistics, the country currently has 18,000 lawyers. Compared to the proportion of Vietnam’s population, this number is quite low. Therefore, the law industry is very thirsty for human resources and needs a team of young, graduated lawyers who can start working immediately. That is the reason why universities today all provide application-oriented training; graduates do not need to be retrained by businesses or organizations.

HSU is grateful to partners who are always ready to support and accompany HSU.

“The company has accepted a number of HSU students for internships. You clearly show us your dynamism, enthusiasm and good integration. In addition, your English skills are also a plus point,” Ms. Huong Duyen shared.

Dong Nai Provincial Bar Association awarded scholarships to representatives of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law.

At the Signing Ceremony, Dong Nai Provincial Bar Association awarded 7 scholarships to HSU students to motivate them in their study process.

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