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The valedictorian “received” a German master’s scholarship thanks to her academic achievements at HSU

Thanks to graduating from GPA: 3.71/4.0 at Hoa Sen University (HSU), Long Tu Nhu – Valedictorian of Banking and Finance of the 41st Graduation Ceremony unexpectedly won a 25% German Master’s scholarship.

Long Tu Nhu is studying in Germany

Awarded scholarship for good performance at HSU

At the 41st graduation ceremony, Long Tu Nhu was the only one of the 21 valedictorian majors who could not attend because she was stuck in the schedule of studying for a Master’s degree in Germany. Although she could not attend the ceremony, with her excellent academic achievements and the title of Valedictorian of the field, Tu Nhu won a 25% Master of Business Administration scholarship from Germany’s Hochschule Macromedia University of Applied Science.

“Hoa Sen has helped me prove that the learning environment is really important and I am proud that I am learning in a perfectly good environment. I have the opportunity to gain access to new knowledge, especially working with friends who have somehow been present at my very special personal events.”

Tu Nhu shared, the scholarship she achieved is only for applications with a high GPA. And with GPA: 3.71/4.0 at HSU (converted to GPA above 90%), Nhu received this scholarship.

Nhu shared: “In Germany, the education system is different from Vietnam, so to continue to study at the next level in Germany must be considered, the application process is also stressful. The system must see if the school I studied in Vietnam is on the approved list. Otherwise, students must study at university again if they want to study for a master’s degree. After that, the credit will be converted to see if the major or subject is eligible for application. However, with a degree from Hoa Sen University, I can integrate and be accepted to study for a master’s degree in Germany without any paperwork.”

Tu Nhu chose HSU because of the international learning environment and many opportunities to study for an international Master’s degree abroad.

Journey to the world

Talking about the path to realizing her dream, she said: “Before becoming a Hoa Sen student, it took me 3 years to try and choose what was truly for me, from school to major. At that time, my peers were graduating and going to work, while I was still struggling to find a suitable place for myself. There, there is also everyone’s doubt because my own choices are almost against the crowd. But I have proven that we don’t have to be like anyone else. Each person will have different ways of going. It’s okay to be a little slow, but as long as you still reach your destination and don’t lose yourself.”

Tu Nhu and her teammates won first prize in the debate competition “Enjoy responsibly because someone needs you 2022” organized by HSU.

As a finance student but not wanting to be stereotyped around numbers, Tu Nhu has participated in many school and faculty activities. Among them are: Head of the Sponsorship Committee of the HSUNiK 2020-2021 competition; First prize in the debate competition “Enjoy responsibly because someone needs you 2022”; “The Professional Financial Analyst 2023” contest…

It is also the open learning environment and improving English at HSU and participating in activities that have helped Long Tu Nhu easily integrate with international friends in Germany: “My classmates all use English.” English is my second language so I don’t feel there is a gap in using language with people. I always feel happy when I go to school, because this will help me gain confidence and not be timid because I am far from home or small.”

Nhu also revealed, there are things she doesn’t know, her friends share. But there are also things her friends have not found the answer to but are inadvertently the forte of Nhu so she can contribute. “That’s why I went to school to exchange and learn from each other, I didn’t feel “ashamed” because of the knowledge I didn’t have access to, but instead felt lucky that I had a knowledge defect when I went to school. The teachers here are very cute and psychological. Learning focuses a lot on practice, so now teachers come as a “partner” to listen and share knowledge.”

Wish Tu Nhu always success with her plans!

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