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5 tips for hunting Canadian scholarships from English Language Students and Bilingual MCs of HSU

With good foreign language skills, Phan Minh Anh – a 4th year student majoring in English Language is not only a bilingual MC of many events at HSU, he also “wins” many exchange scholarships abroad. The most recent is the ASEAN-Canada Scholarship (SEED Scholarship) of Centennial College (Canada).

Phan Minh Anh – HSU English Language student

Phan Minh Anh has just finished a semester of more than 4 months at Centennial College – Top 4 largest public colleges in Canada with 47,000 students. To study here, Minh Anh went through a stressful scholarship review process. He is one of 5 Asian students and the only Vietnamese student to recieve a Centennial scholarship in the fall 2023 semester.

Below are some experiences that Minh Anh has distilled and wants to share so that more and more other students have the opportunity to study abroad.

  1. Good English skills

To hunt for scholarships, the prerequisite is foreign language. Minh Anh shared, thanks to studying English major at HSU, the process of studying and presenting in English since the first year, he has been equipped with enough English for his study abroad journey. “I was also supported by lecturers from HSU’s Department of International Languages – Cultures to write a very detailed letter of recommendation. Furthermore, the staff in the International Cooperation Department are also very supportive in the process of preparing the necessary documents and nominating scholarships.”

2. The essay is meticulous

Sharing about the scholarship review process, Minh Anh said that most scholarships require an essay presenting motivation, in addition to a letter of recommendation from lecturer or workplace manager. Therefore, Minh Anh’s advice for students is to take the time to carefully prepare your essay, look at the scholarship selection criteria and list your strengths, then write and reread as many times as possible. “You can also ask former scholarship scholars or teachers to review it to give advice, as well as edit the essay to make it perfect and convincing.”

Minh Anh captures moments while studying at Centennial College (Canada)

3. Good letters of recommendation from teachers

In addition to essays, good letters of recommendation from teachers also contribute greatly to building the credibility and success of your study abroad application. “Always show your openness and ability to your teachers during the learning process when you have the opportunity. The teachers are always ready to help write letters of recommendation, especially the teachers at HSU are extremely enthusiastic.”. Thanks to his active participation in school and faculty activities, especially in leading bilingual programs and connecting international students to study at the school, Minh Anh is loved by many teachers at HSU.

Check in with Canadian students at school.

4. Understand clearly the type of scholarship and school you want to attend

In addition, with the experience of “hunting” scholarships for a long time, Minh Anh shared that there are many types of scholarships with different criteria, so knowing yourself and the scholarship criteria you are aiming for makes it easier for you to achieve your goals. Besides good academics, participating in extracurricular activities is also very important. Therefore, balance excellent academic achievements and participation in other social activities to make your application more outstanding and convincing.

Minh Anh participated in activities with Vietnamese students in Canada

5. Don’t give up

The message that Minh Anh wants to send to students who also want to hunt for scholarships to study abroad is: “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”. Minh Anh said that before “winning” the ASEAN-Canada scholarship, he was also “failed” many other scholarships. “The element of luck is also very important in applying for a scholarship. I was also rejected by other scholarship funds before receiving this scholarship. So don’t give up, but always prepare yourself with the necessary skills and documents to apply for scholarships, so that when the opportunity comes, you’ll be ready to seize it immediately,” the English Language student shared.

The experience of studying in Canada is one of the wonderful memories of Minh Anh’s 4 years at university. Making friends with many other international students, experiencing the festivals and cultural activities of the land of maple leaves, and the world’s top education has helped him turn a new page in his journey to adulthood. In particular, the academic environment and friendliness of teachers in Canada are extremely friendly and open. The knowledge and relationships gained during the last semester of study are the tools for Minh Anh to continue pursuing his educational path.

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