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The Undergraduate Program in English Studies trains learners with political and ethical qualities, a sense of service to the people, knowledge, and professional practice capacity commensurate with their training, health, and fitness levels, which meet the requirements of national construction and defense.

Training Objectives

1. Ability to apply linguistic, cultural, and social knowledge and skills in commercial, communication, teaching and translation in a multinational working environment.

2. Professional, proactive working attitude and style, capable of creatively applying knowledge based on learned knowledge to a practical working environment and having responsibility, independence, and confidence in work under all circumstances.

3. Competence, effective and professional communication style, ability to work in groups, flexibly coordinate working with different departments, ability to meet immediate and long-term needs of society, as well as the ability to quickly integrate into the natural working environment in the modern economy.

4. English language skills are equivalent to C1 (European Reference Framework – CEFR) or level 5 (Vietnamese Foreign Language Competency Framework 6).

5. The ability to recognize the requirements for knowledge development and professional development so they can continue improving their capacity, knowledge, and professional development at higher subject levels.


Graduating from The Undergraduate Program in English Studies, students achieve the following output standards:

Professional attitude and ethics

1. Respect each individual’s diversity and differences in culture, personality, gender, etc.

2. Develop and perfect professional ethics, human values ​​, and community spirit.

Foundational competencies and language skills

1. Understand basic concepts and theories about language, culture, and literature.

2. Fluently use the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English, reaching the level equivalent to C1 (European Framework of Reference for Reference – CEFR) or level 5 (Vietnam’s 6-level Foreign Language Competency Framework).

3. Apply language skills to synthesize, present and critique major-related topics clearly and concisely.

4. Evaluate opinions, arguments, and research results on professional issues to draw conclusions and propose appropriate and effective improvement directions.

5. 2nd foreign language use: French / Japanese / Korean / Chinese reaching the level equivalent to B1 (European Framework of Reference – CEFR).

The ability to integrate and learn for life

1. Communicate effectively in a professional environment and international integration.

2. Ability to adapt to changes in the working environment

3. Identify and provide solutions to organizational or community problems.

4. Have a spirit of cooperation and work coordination with team members and the organization.

5. Always learning, self-researching, evaluating, and updating information to serve learning and working needs.

6. Respect the differences and diversity of cultures.

Career Opportunity

Specialization in Business English and Corporate Communication:

Working in the domestic, joint venture, and international companies, trade groups, service groups… with positions: specialist/ staff of Customer Relations Department, Customer Service, Human Resources specialist office, Sales department, Communication department, etc.

Specialization in Teaching English:

Teaching or doing management work at educational and training institutions, foreign language centers, high schools, and high schools nationally and internationally.

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