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100 students from all over the country reunited at the contest “A day as a Chief Accountant” organized by HSU students

With competition rounds held 100% in English, the “One day as a Chief Accountant” contest organized by the Faculty of Banking and Finance, Hoa Sen University (HSU) attracted nearly 100 participants. Many of them are from the Northern and Central regions.

Dr. Phung Thai Minh Trang – Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Banking shared about the One Day as a School Accountant contest season 3.

On April 4, the contest “A day as a Chief Accountant” in 2024 was officially launched. This is the third year the contest has been held, gathering hundreds of students from universities across the country to participate such as: Hung Vuong University – Phu Tho; National Economics University (NEU); Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics (UEH); Foreign Trade University (FTU2); Open University; University of Banking (HUB); Nha Trang University; Ton Duc Thang University; University of Economics – Da Nang; University of Economics and Finance (UEF)…

Overview of the contest launching ceremony.

The goal of the competition is to maintain an intellectual and rewarding playground, creating conditions for students to improve analytical and argumentative thinking, enhance English skills, team spirit, confidence and professionalism. At the same time, create opportunities for students, lecturers, and partners to exchange, learn, share experiences, and connect with each other, develop relationships and use the resources of businesses.

MSc. Do Thi Hong Ha – Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Banking said: “The Faculty of Finance – Banking and students of the AAC HSU Accounting and Auditing Club are proud to successfully organize the major contest “Chief Accountant for 1 Day” for 3 years now and happily welcome students from all 3 regions: North, Central, and South to attend and compete with the spirit of learning, making friends, and finding opportunities for the future. The contest is accompanied by large organizations and businesses such as ACCA, CPA, and Viet Uc Auditing Company. Coming to the contest, students will participate in a realistic simulation of the work of a Chief Accountant through 3 exciting rounds. Through that, you can improve your professional knowledge, meet and interact with new friends.”

Guests at the event.


The competition consists of 3 rounds:

+ Round 1 (preliminary round): Exam on accounting – auditing – tax knowledge:
Exam format: online multiple choice test on m-learning
Exam content: accounting – auditing – tax knowledge
Scoring method: 50 questions, 100 points, 2 points for each question.
Select 50 candidates with high scores from top to bottom, forming 10 teams (each team has 5 students) to enter round 2.

+ Round 2 (qualifying round)
Exam format: case study
Exam content: accounting – auditing – tax knowledge
Scoring method: 5 questions worth 100 points, depending on the difficulty of each question, there will be an appropriate number of points.
Select 5 teams with the highest scores from top to bottom to enter the final round.

+ Round 3 (final round)
Competition format: Each group presents their views to the competition jury.
Exam content: accounting – auditing – tax knowledge
Each group has 10 minutes to present and 10 minutes to answer questions from the jury. All members must participate in the presentation.
In case a group cannot answer the judges’ question, another group can ask for permission to answer. If correct and convincing, additional points will be awarded.
Calculate the final score: take the average score of round 2 and round 3. From high to low, the first prize team has the highest score.

+ First prize: 1 prize, worth 10,000,000 VND
+ Second prize: 1 prize, worth 5,000,000 VND
+ Third prize: 1 prize worth 3,000,000 VND

In addition, groups will receive valuable scholarships from ACCA and SAPP, a certificate of participation in the competition, as evidence for Hoa Sen scholarship application and a plus point for their CVs for future job applications.

Contest details at: https://forms.gle/pGCJLRftqLsCQBYa7

HSU teachers and students at the competition launching ceremony.
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