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The valedictorian “received” a German master’s scholarship thanks to her academic achievements at HSU
Thanks to graduating from GPA: 3.71/4.0 at Hoa Sen University (HSU), Long Tu Nhu – Valedictorian of Banking and Finance of the 41st Graduation Ceremony unexpectedly won a 25% German Master's scholarship.
HSU launches the “International Business Arena” competition
On March 25, Hoa Sen University's (HSU) "International Business Arena" (IBA) competition was officially launched with the participation of a large number of students interested in the field of international business and trade.
100 students from all over the country reunited at the contest “A day as a Chief Accountant” organized by HSU students
With competition rounds held 100% in English, the "One day as a Chief Accountant" contest organized by the Faculty of Banking and Finance, Hoa Sen University (HSU) attracted nearly 100 participants. Many of them are from the Northern and Central regions.
Hoa Sen Go Global officially kicks off its first trip in Malaysia
Hoa Sen Go Global's 3-day journey has ended, but the experience in Kuala Lumpur will surely be unforgettable memories of students, before they officially embark on the journey to become global citizens at Hoa Sen University (HSU).
HSU signed cooperation agreements with 9 partners, increasing opportunities for Law students
With the motto of experiential learing, on March 19, Hoa Sen University (HSU) signed a cooperation agreement with 9 businesses and professional organizations in Law, bringing many internships, and working opportunities for Law students.
HSU launches Marketing – Communication Faculty with 5 “hot” majors in need for human resources
In order to meet the demand for market human resources in the field of marketing – communication and optimize the organization and training for students, Hoa Sen University (HSU) launched the Faculty of Marketing – Communication.


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