Hoa Sen University – HSU

Vision – Mission

Hoa Sen University demonstrates the proactiveness of the private sector, and at the same time upholds the spirit of a humane university in its vision, mission, its training, research, and service. The mission of the school is to provide learners with extensive knowledge, to train them to be creative and ready to accept challenges, to have the necessary professional experience to start a business, and the ability to affirm their position by being different and outstanding.

It is a commitment towards the benefits of students and the community.

Since 2024, Hoa Sen University aims to become a world-class institution. To achieve this milestone, since 2022, the University has implemented a 50% training programs in English, franchise programs from globally prestigious universities. In 2023, to promote the position of a world-class university, the University directly launched joint programs with De Montfort University – a public university more than 150 years old from the UK, and at the same time maintaining a number of Vietnamese language programs in parallel.


To become an internationally accredited university of applied sciences.



Hoa Sen University has a mission to provide learners with extensive knowledge, foster their entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to succeed with their distinctiveness and a strong sense of community.


Educational philosophy

The spirit of liberal arts education.

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