Hoa Sen University – HSU

Students Experience

One of the top priorities that HSU always focuses on is to bring the most vivid and first-class experience to students while studying here. At HSU, students not only acquire academic knowledge but also experience through final exams, projects, seminars, Union – Association activities and clubs. HSU students always pocket for themselves many “cool projects” and “portfolio” from the subjects and experiential activities during the 4 years of university. Hoa Sen’s students are individuals with unique personality, creating a vibrant, enthusiastic and creative team that breaks all limits.

Each Hoa Sen student (also known as “Sen-er”) has experienced a truly meaningful minute and second. We always respect differences and create opportunities to awaken your potential, break your limits to assert yourself. At HSU, you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Meet people with similar interests and passions at more than 30 diverse clubs. From academic, research to application, practice in all Faculties – training majors at the school: economics, finance, media, advertising, photography, sports, entertainment, music…
  2. Enjoy exploring the modern learning space, with many selfie background.
  3. Challenge yourself, satisfy your creative passion through exciting entertainment programs of the Sen-ers community, million-view Gameshows, and monumental projects (Fashion Creation, The Future Chef, Colorful Run, I-HOTELIER, GenZ – The Leading Generation…)
  4. Experience colorful events and activities from Union – Association activities.
  5. Shop with friends for products bearing the mark of Sen at Sen Boutique.
  6. Confidently integrate and connect with friends around the world through international student exchange programs – short-term study abroad opportunities.

Since then, Hoa Sen University has affirmed to be an ideal environment for students, is:

  1. A place where you can spend the most brilliant youth years
  2. A place where you can meet people with unique personalities, to resonate and create a super “quality” team.
  3. A place where you can be fueled and enthusiasm from mentors who have a heart and vision
  4. A place with full technology and good facilities to be able to experience “Real Study, Real Practice”
  5. A place where you can pocket your own “projects”, the necessary baggage to step into the society.
  6. A place to train people who will bring a spirit of commitment and conquest.

Different from many other training environments, Hoa Sen University creates an organization to take care and provide services for students. Center of Student Experience and Employment was born with the function of listening to thoughts, aspirations, support and being a material and spiritual motivation for students. Center with functions for solving students’ problems, school health, insurance, Tutoring Service, business relations and psychological counseling. In particular, psychological counseling is considered a reliable address that many students come to heal the wounds in their souls.

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