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Hoa Sen Go Global officially kicks off its first trip in Malaysia

Hoa Sen Go Global‘s 3-day journey has ended, but the experience in Kuala Lumpur will surely be unforgettable memories of students, before they officially embark on the journey to become global citizens at Hoa Sen University (HSU).

The beginning of Hoa Sen Go Global journey….

With the desire to create conditions for students to have early access to advanced education, ready to integrate in an world class education and diversity embrace, in 2024, Hoa Sen University organizes the Hoa Sen Go Global program, bringing students to experience learning and cultural exploration in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore…

The first trip of 25 HSU students departed on March 22, 2024. During this journey, students can participate in academic activities, learn about the international educational environment, study the activities of businesses as well as experience fun at famous places in Kuala Lumpur.

Accordingly, on the first day of arriving in Malaysia, Hoa Sen Go Global delegation visited the Embassy of Vietnam in Malaysia, Vietnam Malaysia Business Association (VMBIZ), listened to sharing about the environment and working opportunities in this country.

Following the journey, Hoa Sen Go global brought students to visit and exchange at the University of Wollongong Malaysia (UOW Malaysia) – part of the global network of the University of Wollongong Australia. The University of Wollongong is one of the world’s leading universities, ranked 162nd in the world and 12th in Australia. Here, students were personally introduced by Mr. Gabriel Lau – Rector of UOW Malaysia about the learning environment in Malaysia, necessary skills for students, orientation of training majors and visiting the high-class learning space of this school. HSU students also had the opportunity to visit Beryl’s chocolate company – one of Malaysia’s TOP confectionery manufacturing companies, heard about the processing, production and export of chocolate to more than 15 countries around the world.

In addition, students can also explore famous locations Petronas Towers, Bank Negara Malaysia Museum & Art Gallery, Ramadhan Bazaar, explore the street space, cuisine and art of this country.

Valuable experiences

The trip is not only an exploration tour but also an opportunity for students to understand more about the international education environment, business philosophy, culture and lifestyle of Malaysian people.

Hoa Sen Go Global may be the first trip abroad to the world for many students after nearly 20 years of studying domestically and being cared for by their families. Therefore, this is also an opportunity for them to make new friends, become more independent and open-minded.

HSUers explore Kuala Lumpur at night, making many new friends from the trip.

This journey is even more special for Phan Vu Thuy Minh Doan because March 22 is her birthday. HSU also organized a small birthday party for Minh Doan right in Malaysia. “This is my first birthday away from home and especially in another country. I feel very surprised when the teachers and friends in Hoa Sen remember and help me have a special birthday like this”, Doan shared.

To enter the international environment at HSU, in addition to foreign languages, it is extremely important to understand the culture, lifestyle and working style in foreign environments. This is a valuable opportunity for HSU students to experience and learn to continue promoting the spirit of international integration for future study and work activities, so that they are more confident for further “flights” to France, USA, Germany… as students and alumni have been.

Hoa Sen Go Global will continue to organize experiential trips for new K24 students. Just register for admission, you will immediately receive a free “passport” for overseas experience from HSU.

Learn more at: https://tuyensinh.hoasen.edu.vn/go-global/?

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