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Singapore Polytechnic students excited to study market research with HSU students

On the morning of March 7, 2024, Hoa Sen University (HSU) welcomed nearly 40 students from Singapore Polytechnic College (Singapore Polytechnic OEIP’24) to exchange and study. Welcoming students from other country are students from the Faculty of Logistics – International Trade and the Faculty of International Languages – Cultures.

Nearly 40 students from Singapore Polytechnic College came to study exchange at HSU.

After exploring Ho Chi Minh City, they were at HSU to meet teachers and students of Sen House. Not only learning about the majors and interesting experiential activities at HSU, students of Singapore Polytechnic College also played the game Kahoot and especially participated in presentations on the market research process of food and beverage brands that they have cooperated with HSU students for more than 1 week.

Accordingly, as part of the series of activities to welcome students of Singapore Polytechnic College (OEIP’24) to study exchange at Hoa Sen University, recently, HSU students had an exchange trip to explore Saigon with students of Singapore Polytechnic College.

Students from the two schools checked in at Nguyen Hue Walking Street and learned about the F&B market in Vietnam through famous cafe brands in District 1. Accordingly, students from the two schools will participate in market research activities together. Students were divided into 4 groups to explore brands in Ho Chi Minh City. They will also prepare a presentation to report to the HSU faculty council. Previously, HSUers and Singaporean students got to know each other and discussed activities in Vietnam online via WhatsApp, Email, and Google Meet platforms.

Presentation on market research is an activity within the study exchange program between Hoa Sen University and Singapore Polytechnic College (Singapore Polytechnic OEIP’24).

Accordingly, students from the two schools were divided into 4 groups to carry out the research. Their task is to play the role of a brand consultant to conduct market research to convince investors to support brand expansion into the Vietnamese market. The topic includes 4 brands: P.S Coffee Shop; LiHo Tea; Jinjja Chicken; Toast Box. During this morning’s exchange session, 4 groups presented their research topics in English to the Board of Examiners. As a result, the Jinjja Chicken brand research team achieved the highest score; Second prize went to the P.S Coffee Shop group; Third prize went to LiHo Tea and Toast Box.

This is an opportunity for HSU students to exchange and connect with international students, and at the same time bring the image of Hoa Sen students as dynamic, hospitable and good at foreign languages to students from other countries. HSU is proud to be the destination for international students!

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