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Nearly 50% of HSU students graduate with very good and excellent degree classification

With the idea that Hoa Sen University (HSU) will be an international knowledge airport, a place to equip knowledge, skills and foreign languages for students to take off into life, integrate into the domestic and international working environment. The school’s 41st graduation ceremony was themed: The 41st Departures.

The graduation ceremony was a large-scale and majestic investment for more than 1,500 HSU graduates.

On February 24, 2024, Hoa Sen University held its 41st graduation ceremony at Hoa Binh Theater (District 10, Ho Chi Minh City). The program was attended by representatives of the Indian Consulate, French Consulate, Moroccan Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, business partners, School Board of Directors, lecturers, 1,553 new graduates and more than 2,000 relatives and friends.

Nearly 50% of students graduated with very good and excellent degree classification

Among the 1,553 graduates this time, HSU has 1 school valedictorian, 20 major valedictorians and 21 major salutatorians. In which, 713 students ranked very good and excellent, accounting for nearly 50% of the total number of graduates.

Tran Phan Bao My – Valedictorian of Hoa Sen University, representing the New Graduates spoke at the ceremony. My graduated in Hotel Management with GPA 3.91/4.0

Specially, Tran Phan Bao My graduated as Valedictorian of the school with a GPA of 3.91/4.0. Speaking at the ceremony, My shared: “Our Gen Z is living ‘full-time’ because we face a lot of pressure: Family expectations, peer pressure, fear of failure, fear of not meeting expectations. As a Hoa Sen student, fully equipped with knowledge and social skills, diversity embrace, experiential learing, I always try my best and there are 3 things that have helped me overcome that: Courage to face and not be afraid of failure; Take advantage of youth and don’t be too concerned about prejudices; Expand “networking”. Today’s version of myself is the summation of the whole process of 4 years studying at HSU. It’s time to close and move on to a new chapter – a chapter about the vast world out there.”

Associate Professor, Dr. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy and Dr. Madan Mohan Sethi – Consulate General of India honored the School’s valedictorian – Tran Phan Bao My.

In addition to the valedictorian, this HSU graduation also has two outstanding students graduating with dual degrees. Among them, student Tran Thi Bich Lien graduated with double exellent certificates: English Language (GPA: 3.78/4.0) and Psychology (GPA: 3.8/4.0).

Vo Thi Trang Tho students graduated early with dual degrees within 4 years (5-year training program) including: Psychology with excellent grades (GPA 3:60/4:0) and Human Resource Management with excellent grades (GPA: 3:59/4:0). Tho is also valedictorian of Psychology major.

Sharing about receiving the dual degree, Trang Tho said: “When I received this news, I was very surprised and happy because I did not pay too much attention to grades, I always tried to learn to gain as much knowledge as possible. Because I want to complete my dual degree program within 4 years, on average I have to study about 8-9 subjects per semester and do not take breaks in extra semesters. That is also the reason that I do not have as much time to participate in many activities in Hoa Sen as other students.”

Nguyen Vietnam – Valedictorian of the Management Information Systems major, representing the new graduates attending the morning ceremony, spoke with an extremely “gen Z” style.

A departure to the world

With the orientation of being a world class university for Vietnamese students, Hoa Sen University is constantly innovating its study programs, creating conditions for students to study and exchange, practice and work at domestic and foreign multinational companies. The 41st graduation ceremony witnessed many students working and studying in countries in Germany, USA, Australia … This is also a confirmation that HSU’s training quality has met the needs of the global labor market.

Therefore, this graduation ceremony is themed “The 41st Departures” with the idea of “HSU International Airport”. HSU will be an international knowledge airport, fully equipped for students to be ready to depart for flights to the world. The entire performance and inspirational speeches of the 21 valedictorians were also carried out according to this idea. Each student is a captain for the flight to realize their life’s dream. They will represent more than 1,500 new graduates to send meaningful messages before ending their 4-year journey at HSU and departing for the new “flight” of their lives.

Among the students studying and working abroad, Duong Quang Duy, a graduate of Hotel Management, flew from the US to Vietnam to attend the Graduation Ceremony. Quang Duy currently works at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in the US. The international learning environment and bilingual training program at HSU have helped Duy easily integrate into work. “HSU introduces foreign languages into daily subjects to help students exchange and communicate in English regularly, intangible to create communication reflexes. From there, it opens up many opportunities at work. For example, from my second year, I was the Head of the Malaysian Embassy’s interpretation team at the FMCG Trade Promotion Conference. In 2020, I had the opportunity to go to the US to work as a receptionist. After 2 years, I came back and took on the position of receptionist supervisor.”

Duong Quang Duy, a graduate of Hotel Management, flew from the US to Vietnam to attend the Graduation Ceremony

HSU hopes that, with the equipment provided at school, you will be successful on your new journey.

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