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The speech of The valedictorian achieved an almost perfect GPA of HSU

Not only impressing with her beautiful appearance, Nguyen Minh Thu – the valedictorian of Hotel Management, Hoa Sen University (HSU) also possesses an admirable “profile” with a GPA score of almost 3.97/4.0.

Representing more than 1,600 students at the 40th Graduation Ceremony of HSU on May 14, Nguyen Minh Thu had inspirational sharings to students about their learning journey at Hoa Sen University. In addition to an almost perfect GPA of 3.97/4, Thu also won the Erasmus scholarship of the European Union, the Hoa Sen Talented Scholarship, the IELTS 8.0 certificate.

Nguyen Minh Thu sharing at the Graducation Ceremony

Dear Board of Directors of Hoa Sen University,

Respectful Delegates, beloved lecturers, parents

Dear all new graduates present in the hall today,

My name is Nguyen Minh Thu, student of Bachelor of Hotel Management, intake 2018

Today I am very honored to speak at the 40th Graduation Ceremony of Hoa Sen University. In order to share this special moment with all of new graduates, allow me to call you all in a friendly way of “brothers and sisters”.

Dear brothers and sisters, I believe that today’s ceremony is something you have been waiting for a long time, especially for those of you who had to postpone your studies due to the recent pandemic.

Graduation is one of the important milestones marking our growth. Surely, when looking back, you will see how time flies so fast. So do I. Just some days before, I felt extremely nervous when standing in front of the lecturers to defense for my research report, or rushing from district 12 to District 1 for my classes on time… And now, we are becoming new graduates, and are about to leave Hoa Sen University, step into the society and write our own life stories.

And I want to tell you all that, you and me are now proud of our great efforts. So let’s give a big round of applause to reward our big outcome.

However, these successes is not based only by ourselves. Each of us is a picture made up of many pieces. Those pieces are the people who love us, believe in our future, even when we feel most uncertain.

In those puzzle pieces, for me, Dad, Mom, and older brother are the 3 biggest pieces of my life. There will be no words to express all the sacrifices that my family has made for me.

Besides, to be here today, a huge part is also thanks to the lecturers and staff at Hoa Sen University. “The lecturers here are very friendly and helpful. They always encourage you to be yourself, not a copy of someone else”. Indeed, I might not have won the European Union Erasmus scholarship if I did not receive the support from one of my lecturers at HSU. The times when I doubted myself the most, were also the times when he showed me that I could. And I believe that you have also taken advantage of the learning environment here to become the best version of yourself, with your own image, not a copy of anyone.

And right here, we have met a lot of new classmates and friends, who have helped us dealing with the deadlines of tons of assignments and projects. Looking back now, I feel grateful for everything I have achieved and learned under this wonderful university

Dear new graduates, we will fall, fall again, then we will stand up and keep moving forward. We will learn from our mistakes, and we will also become more resilient because of it. The times when I was rejected, or not recognized, not selected, not met the requirements, those moments seem to be more important than the times when I received the “yes” answers. Sometimes we don’t have to be the best to be successful. And success or not is also up to our own definition. If we fail, then maybe that failure will teach us new lessons and knowledge, I am sure.

I wish you all will reach your dreams, be confident and proud to be a part of Hoa Sen. And make Hoa Sen proud of you“.

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