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The speech of President of Hoa Sen University at the 40th Graduation Ceremony

On April 15th, Hoa Sen University (HSU) solemnly held the 40th Graduation Ceremony for more than 1,600 students at Hoa Binh Theater (District 10, Ho Chi Minh City) with the theme “Final walk to start”.

Speaking at the ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy – President of Hoa Sen University had emotional sharings to students and parents.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy – President of Hoa Sen University speaking at the ceremony.

Dear my beloved new graduates,

From this moment, you are officially completing your student life and ready for a new journey. Maybe when you stepped into Hoa Sen campus, you were not the best students; however, when you step out of Hoa Sen, I am proud that you are the best version of yourself. So feel free to start…!

Also at this special moment which I consider as the last opportunity for me to remind you of two unique values, which are running deep inside minds and hearts of every HSU’s students.

Students perform the swearing-in ceremony

The first and foremost is the spirit of Liberation, which is also the core value of Hoa Sen’s education for more than 30 years. HSU always encourages its students to create positive energy, open for new things and never accept to be got stuck. The person who reach the destination quickly in glory is the one who always be able to find different ways for any issues and keep everything under the control. At Hoa Sen University, our students are not only the one who come to study but to manage their own projects with tears and laugh, and then will be remarkable achievements thanks to hard work and teamwork. As such, many students’ projects have turned into million-view reality shows, for instance: The Future Chief, I-Hotelier, Fashion creation, Business Challenge, TV Create… to name a few.

The second point I would like to mention is the spirit of international integration. I know that you have spent a series of stressful days studying sessions completely in English. However, from now on, when you start your first working day in your office, I strongly believe that you will say thank you for the time you spent with HSU which trained you to be ready as a global citizen today.

I am also very happy when knowing that, each HSUers become “energetic warriors” during the time studying and experiencing with the spirit of liberal education, in the culture of respecting differences at Hoa Sen.

My beloved students,

No one will lend you these two precious values. And you don’t need to borrow them from elsewhere since they already flow naturally in the mind and heart of every HSUers. From now on, I do hope you will enjoy the experience in the real life and turn them into the keys to success in your career path.

Parents and colleagues, 

I think that there are 3 important things in life for each individual. They include: a goal to pursue, a family to come back, and someone to remember – teachers and friends at their schools.

Your success today always has the contributions and love of your parents, teachers and people around you. Allow me, on behalf of HSU’s leadership and staff, to express my deep gratitude to the parents, staff and lecturers who always by my side to create the meaningful time of the youth at HSU.

My dear new graduates,

The last thing I would like to share with you today is: we often look at the success of the others, but we should be aware that everyone will have their own milestone of success if we know how to create or capture it.

I know someone who graduated at 22 but got a job at 21.

I also know someone who graduated early at 21 but didn’t get the job he wanted until he was 25.

I know someone who graduated late at the age of 25 but had the desired job right then.

I know someone who has not graduated yet but already be successful with their own start-up.

However, please remember that, there are someone who pursue the goal until they are more than 70 years old to start their business. Think about KFC’s founder as a case study.

I know someone who is raising a child but is single.

But I also know there are married people who wait 7-8 years to see their first child.

That’s life! But the above individuals have the same qualities to share, which are the POSITIVE ATTITUTE and the “CAN-DO SPIRIT” in order to reach their desire destinations.

There is only one sky and we learn how to create wings for reaching to the sky as the destination!

I wish you all do what you love! And love what you do!

Thank you for being a part of HSU and don’t forget we are always here, looking forward to seeing you come back one day! And we keep working hard to build a better HSU day after day so that you will be always proud of.

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