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The Guiding Star 2023: The monumental, professional return of the HSU student project.

Not only demonstrating expertise in travel and tourism, the final night of The Guiding Star 2023 organized by HSU students is also a gathering night of shining talents.

Contestants at The Guiding Star 2023 Finals.

From the proud folk songs of the three regions to the emotional drama about the Mother Thu monument or the “cool” rap verses… It all brought about an emotional finale.

Contestants at The Guiding Star 2023 Finals.

In the afternoon of September 19, the final round of The Guiding Star season 6 in 2023 took place at Equatorial Hotel Saigon with the competition of the Top 10 best contestants from many universities across the country.
A neat, new and richly experiential return

The Guiding Star is a contest organized by students of the Faculty of Hospitality of Hoa Sen University specifically for young people who are passionate about the tourism industry and want to become future Tour Guides. This year, there are more than 100 contestants from universities participating in the competition.

The Guiding Star 2023 has many new highlights compared to previous seasons. This year, the contest has the companionship of 3 coaches including: Mr. Tran Thanh Tuyen – Lecturer of the Faculty of Culture and Tourism – Saigon University; MSc. Vo Son Dong – Lecturer of Ho Chi Minh City Open University; MSc. Tran Ngoc Triet – Lecturer of Saigon Tourism College, head of training committee of Ho Chi Minh City Tour Guide Association.

Coaches are the ones who directly guide candidates through each round of the exam, helping them improve the test and gain more valuable knowledge and experience.

The Guiding Star 2023 organizers are grateful to the instructors, judges and coaches of the competition.

In addition to the rounds of knowledge and explanation with the expert jury in the qualifying round and the conquest round, this year, the competition brings practical experience to students when holding the semi-final round with a live tour guide in Dong Thap. Contestants can play the role of real tour guides when directly leading tours in the car and at famous landmarks of Dong Thap. In addition, the rounds integrate a lot of knowledge and skills, creating conditions for contestants to maximize their talents and strengths such as: MC ability, singing, dancing, storytelling, acting….

The night gathers multi-talented guides

In the final round, in addition to the introduction of landmarks according to the drawing image, contestants must undergo group talent challenges and deal with on-site situations. In the group talent contest, 10 contestants show off their talents in groups of 3 coaches. This competition brought many emotions to the audience with unique performances.

Coach Vo Son Dong team with the combination of 3 contestants brought a unique performance combining magic and the game of guessing the winning price through the images of Chi Hang, Chu Cuoi, and the Jade Rabbit before the mid-autumn festival. In addition, contestant Vo Thien Nhi’s rap song about beautiful places and scenery of the country brought a vibrant atmosphere to the final night.

In addition, the performance of 3 contestants from coach Tran Ngoc Triet’s team brought viewers to the beautiful landscapes of Vietnam through a medley of proud folk songs from three regions. The performance of coach Tran Thanh Tuyen’s team with 4 contestants brought a touching story about Vietnamese Heroic Mother Nguyen Thi Thu, who had 9 children sacrificed in the war against France and America and headed to the Mother Thu Monument in Quang Nam.

All performances took the audience through many emotions, and at the same time showed the multi-talent of the Top 10 contestants as they could sing, dance, magic, act, rap …

From 10 contestants, the 3 best contestants went to the next round of handling situations of a tour guide. In 3 minutes, contestants draw topics and find solutions to handle situations such as: Flight cancelled due to weather influences, visitors bitten by a squeeze, introduction of any place for international visitors to Vietnam in September 2023.

With unique performances, The Guiding Star 2023 has found the winners of the following awards:

– Champion: Contestant Vo Thi Hoai Thuong – Ton Duc Thang University

– Runner-up: Contestant Lam Nguyen Hoang Hieu – University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City

– 3rd Place: Contestant Vo Thien Nhi – Hoa Sen University

– Most favorite contestant: Contestant Nguyen Ngoc Bich Loan – Ton Duc Thang University

Organizing Committee and contestants of The Guiding Star 2023.

With innovations in exam format and content, The Guiding Star has brought interesting experiences to candidates, serving as a stepping stone for them to gradually enter the path of becoming a professional tour guide.

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