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Miss Charm 2023 – Luma Russo inspiring exchange with HSU students

On September 14, 2023, Miss Charm International 2023 Luma Russo had an inspirational exchange with students at Hoa Sen University (HSU).

As part of the series of “Uni Tour” activities (visits to universities) in Vietnam, Miss Luma Russo had a talk with students at Hoa Sen University about the journey of pursuing her dreams with the theme “Follow your dream”.

Beautiful Miss Charm 2023 is at a talk with HSU students.

Welcoming Miss Luma Russo were MSc. Nguyen Hai Ninh – Vice President of Hoa Sen University, MSc. Le Au Ngan Anh – Program Director of Event Management and a large number of lecturers and students of HSU

Miss Luma Russo is known for being crowned Miss Charm 2023 this past February. Besides of being beautiful, talented and intelligent, she also impressed the beauty fan community with her educational journey. Before that, she worked as a multilingual interpreter, an English teacher and pursued her dream of becoming a pilot.

Miss Luma Russo shares about her journey of pursuing her dream.

At the talk, Miss Charm 2023 shared about her journey through various jobs. Since high school, she has been working as a teacher and has spent 11 years pursuing an English teaching job. Another passion of Luma Russo is aviation. Her father is a pilot and her mother also works in this field. Therefore, Luma decided to try following the family tradition. She also graduated from a pilot course in the US.

Students participated in activities at the talk.

However, on the way to conquer this dream, Luma realized that aviation was not enough for her to fulfill her dream of inspiring people. She wants to bring positive values of culture, tourism, education and technology to friends around the world. This inspired Luma to participate in beauty competitions, including Miss Charm 2023. The common point of all the jobs that Luma has experienced is that they were created from the passion and tireless efforts of the Brazilian girl.

Students ask questions for Miss Charm 2023

Speaking about her journey at Miss Charm 2023, Miss Luma Russo shared: “It’s been an exciting journey but it’s not easy. I have made many new experiences, new friends in Vietnam. In particular, Miss Charm has helped me become more mature, I didn’t think I could be that strong. The competition is an opportunity for me to find and overcome my own limits.” When asked about how to find and pursue each person’s dream, Luma shared: “We are not a tree, we can move from one place to another, do this job or that job. If you don’t know what you want, you have to try.”

Miss Luma Russo interacts with HSU students

She also advised the students to experience a lot. You may stumble and fail many times, but those failures will help you grow and find what you want. “You don’t have to see the destination of the road, you just have to see the next step that you need to take. Importantly, you must control your energy in the face of boredom and fatigue. Every job you do, you have to be really comfortable and enjoy it.”

Miss Luma Russo took souvenir photos with HSU students.

The sharing of Miss Luma Russo at the talk has positively inspired the students, helping them to be confident and dare to commit and dare to experience with their dreams. She also brings a cheerful and fun atmosphere by a visual catwalk and mini-game exchanges with students.

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