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HSU welcomes a group of international students for study exchange

On the eve of the new school year, Hoa Sen University (HSU) welcomed a group of international students for a study exchange this morning (September 6, 2023). The majority of students come from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden.

International students and HSU lecturers at the orientation before officially studying at HSU.

During the orientation meeting, international students are introduced to the study program, disseminated rules and notes related to academic issues (exam regulations, time to attend classes), instructions on how to access the HSU system to view information related to studies, scores, timetables, etc. Also introduce international student support services such as: psychological counseling, health care, club activities, sports/volunteering/study; housing support for students…

Dr. Phan Thi Vietnam – Vice President of HSU shared with students about the learning environment at HSU.

Maëlys ERGAND from France shared: “The reason I chose Hoa Sen is because I have never been to Asia. I want to explore the culture and people of Vietnam. I also learned about Vietnam through my university friends in France. They have been here before and are very fond of Vietnam. So I want to experience it for myself.”

Also at the meeting, HSU students from Saigon Corner project – a project specializing in tourism in famous places in Ho Chi Minh City introduced about famous landmarks of Saigon, famous dishes and interesting destinations around the school that international students can experience.

International students checked in at the 10th floor, Nguyen Van Trang campus.

To get acquainted with the new learning environment and learn more about the departments to contact, international students had a “campus tour” at Nguyen Van Trang campus. With the guidance of “tour guides” who are Vietnamese students, the international student group visited classrooms, halls, medical rooms, lunch rooms… and got acquainted with departments related to learning such as Office of Accademic Affairs and Student Experience centers.

International students at HSU library.

Lanya, 22 years old, from France shared: “HSU is a prestigious school, with a beautiful campus, in a beautiful city. All amenities are not too far from campus. We are here right on Vietnam’s National Day, which I feel very excited about, in terms of history, about concerts, fireworks… Everything was great. The people here are also very happy, friendly and welcoming to us.”

Students visit the HSU lounge.

Accordingly, the international student group will officially study at HSU from next Monday (September 11, 2023). Wishing you will have interesting learning experiences at Hoa Sen Univ

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