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HSU students are recruited directly at the recruitment fair

On July 5, the recruitment day of the Faculty of Hospitality HSU took place with the participation of 15 large enterprises in the field of Hospitality. This is a great opportunity for students to express themselves to businesses and seek internship and work opportunities.

Students learn about recruitment information from businesses.

The event attracted nearly 200 students to learn about careers and job opportunities. In which, 8 outstanding and most successful students participated in the challenge “Whose chance – Whose chance”, the version exclusively for HSU students. This is a challenge for the best students in the fields of events, restaurants, hotels, and travel. Students will participate in a face-to-face interview with 5 leaders from 5 businesses including: Mr. Ha Phan – Head of People S&S Group; Mr. Tony Tran – Founder of Bravo Indochina; Mr. Khanh Truong – CEO of Vian Travel; Mr. Huy Dao – People Development Assistant Manager of Fusion Original Saigon Center; Mr. Sena Le – Operation Manager of Compression Light.

Students can learn about recruitment information from companies.

At “Whose chance”, students will have to introduce themselves, their learning process, skills, projects and achievements. At the same time, candidates have to deal with common situations in businesses given by the Organizing Committee such as: Is salary a determining factor and keeping talent of businesses, whether to accept and endure when going to work or frankly express opinions to superiors… After presenting their views, candidates have to confront their bosses to show their working thinking and how to handle situations before the tough questions raised by the bosses.

Dr. Truong Thi Hong Minh – Dean of Faculty of Hospitality HSU shared at the event.

This is an opportunity for students to show their strengths and bravery and convince bosses who are managers and leaders from businesses to make offers (job proposals) for them. In addition to demonstrating understanding and working thinking, you must show that you are a student of Hoa Sen who dares to commit and dare to accept challenges.

Mr Ha Phan – Head of People S&S Group presents a challenge to the students at Whose Chance.

After the interview process with the bosses, the students were offered positions at companies with high salaries and good benefits. Particularly, Thai Hong Bao Tran – 3rd year student of Tourism & Travel Service Management was recruited with a salary of 10,000,000 VND for the position of Business Development Assistant for Bravo Indochina company.

Thai Hong Bao Tran confidently persuaded his bosses to give her an offer with a salary of 10,000,000 VND

Bao Tran shared: “After 3 years of studying and participating in activities at Hoa Sen University, I feel that I have enough knowledge, skills and courage to take part in this challenge. I think it’s my confidence and strong stance in the face of situations that convinced my bosses to give me this job opportunity and of course, I’m going to try it too.”

The students found out about internship and recruitment information at the event.

In addition to Bao Tran, other students also received many compliments from business representatives and were willing to give work opportunities to their bosses.

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