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HSU Fashion Business students experience learning and culture in France

Last semester, 4 students of class TK20 majoring in Fashion Business, Hoa Sen University (HSU) had the opportunity to experience 3 months of studying and working in Paris and Rennes (France).

HSU students on a visit to the Picasso museum in Paris.
HSU students and friends in France during the study exchange process.

Accordingly, 4 students: Hoang Thanh Phuc, Le Ngoc Phuong Thao, Nguyen Hoai Khanh Han, Ho Lam Thuc Nghi studied under the student exchange program between Hoa Sen University and partner universities College de Paris (Paris) and Rennes Business School (Rennes). They studied Business Administration subjects at these two prestigious schools.

Not only the trip for studying, experiencing living culture and art in Paris but also leaves them with memorable impressions: Participating in a book signing by designer Jacquemus, LV Dream exhibition by Louis Vuitton, the largest Christmas market in the world in Strasbourg…trips to cultural and art museums, famous architectural works in Paris (Eiffel Tower, L’Arc de triomphe)

Each year, College de Paris gives Hoa Sen University 4 slots for the student exchange program, to help students of the two schools have the opportunity to gain knowledge, experience the working environment as well as cultural exchange at foreign country.

From 2022, College de Paris signed a pedagogical cooperation agreement with Hoa Sen University for many majors, including the Fashion Business program. According to this agreement, from year 3, Fashion Design students can choose to follow 2 majors: Fashion Business or Fashion Design. Students majoring in Fashion Business upon graduation will receive a Bachelor of Fashion Design from Hoa Sen University as well as a certificate of completion of the Fashion Business program from College de Paris.

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