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With the theme “Giving value – Keeping love”, from December 29, 2023, more than 10,000 Tet gifts are being given by Hoa Sen University (HSU) to students on the occasion of the New Year 2024.

HSU Tet gift checks in with HSU mascot.

With the desire to help students have more joy and interesting experiences when entering the new year, HSU organizes Tet gifts for students. This is the second year the school has organized a Tet gift giving activity for students to personalize the care of students, helping them not only learn but also feel the affection, devotion and thoughtfulness from the School.

Especially, this year’s Tet gift chosen by HSU is the LockNLock thermos, with a compact, convenient, eye-catching design, and is a limited edition only for Nha Sen students. In addition, along with the Tet gifts are cards handwritten by HSU teachers and sent to the students. This is also the thoughts and feelings that teachers send to them in the new year.

With the main message “Beyond boundaries within hearts”, the 2024 Tet gift will be a “friend” to accompany students on the journey to conquer upcoming challenges, sending to HSUers who always keep enthusiasm, passion, preserving the core values of HSU, which are Diversity embrace, World class education, Experiential learing, Entrepreneurial mindset, Lively student experiences, contribute to helping students overcome all their limitations.

HSU students eager to receive Tet gifts

As one of the first students to receive Tet gifts this year, Tran Chi Nguyen – Digital Art student shared: “I think this is an annual activity that helps connect the school and students. This shows that the school cares very much about students. Especially when teachers are busy, but still write handwritten cards to send to students. This is something that I feel very happy to study at Hoa Sen.”

Tet gifts are still being given to students through Faculty/School activities and events at campuses until the end of January 2024.

Let’s take a look at some pictures of receiving gifts at HSU’s campuses in recent days.

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