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Honoring Outstanding Works at EOS Summer 2023 by Media Technology Management Students

On the evening of July 16, the final film premiere of EOS SUMMER 2023 was held at BHD Thao Dien Cinema (District 2) with the theme “BEHIND THE GLORY”. This is a traditional event of Media Technology Management, Faculty of Art Design, Hoa Sen University.

Students and teachers majoring in Communication Technology Management.

EOS is a convergence of end-of-term products from students’ Production/Project classes; The place opens up opportunities for quality products of students to appear on the big screen and listen to the suggestions of professionals (directors, producers …) and the public.

Assoc.Dr Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy presented flowers of gratitude to Mr. Nguyen Tang Minh and Mr. Doan Tuan Duc – Representative of the EOS 2023 Professional Council.

The program featured Dr. Do Manh Cuong – Deputy General Director of Nguyen Hoang Group, Assoc. Dr. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy – Rector of Hoa Sen University, MSc Tu Phu Duc – Dean of the Faculty of Art Design, lecturers and more than 200 students.

Director Mai The Hiep shared about the students’ products.

In particular, the event gathered many directors, actors, alumni, experts in filmmaking and media products such as: Director: Danny Do; Director Do Quoc Trung; Director Mai The Hiep; Director Nguyen Quoc Hung; Director Quan Phuong Thanh; Cinematographer Le Thanh Hoang; Actor Lam Thanh Nha; Actor Tran Phong; Actor Lanh Thanh; Actor Huynh Mai Cat Tien.

Director Danny Do – Director of the MV “Em cua ngay hom qua” shared at the event.

At the official premiere, 65 productions, including 50 MV, TVC, PSA, MV products and 15 short films and documentaries were premiered to the audience. To have quality products, emotional footage and many messages is a process of effort from students and instructors. This is also an opportunity for students to show their skills, knowledge and passion for producing media and film products after their years of studying at the school.

Actor Lam Thanh Nha and Director Quan Phuong Thanh (right cover) presented the award to the students.
Actor Lanh Thanh, voice actor Hita Thanh Hien and Mr. Huynh Dai – Representative of the sponsor “Film Storyteller” presented the prize to the students.
Ms. Nhung Vu – PR & Communication Lead – McDonald’s Vietnam awarded Best TVC (Picked By Brand Team) to the students.

Commenting on TVC products, Ms. Nhung Vu – PR & Communication Lead – McDonald’s Vietnam shared: “Hoa Sen students really surprised me. Even though you haven’t graduated, my first impression of you is that you are DECENT WORKING PEOPLE. You are very professional, after just one meeting with you at a McDonald’s, you brought machinery and cameras to implement extremely creative ideas. And indeed, when I received 3 McDonald’s TVC products, I didn’t know which one to choose, so I decided to send it to the upper management. Today’s result was not easy for us to choose.”

Awarded 3 categories: Best Director: Moi Dem; Best Documentary: Nam Cam Thu Thiem and Best Of Show: “Lan cuoi”

As a result, 13 of the best products were announced at EOS SUMMER 2023. Congratulations to the products:

1.Best Creative: “Things Left Unsaid”
2.Best TVC: “Stay Ready, Always”
3.Best PSA: “Break Up With Bad Boy”
4.Best Audio Storytelling: “Âm Thanh Cuộc Chiến”
5.Best Series Program: “Cơm Nhà”
6.Best MV: “The Flob”
7.Best TVC (Picked by Brand Team): “Up Mood with McDonald’s”
8.Best Script: Cau duyen
9.Best Short Film: Con dap
10.Best Director: Moi dem
11.Best Documentary: Nam Cam Thu Thiem
12.Best of Show: “Lan cuoi

Assoc. Dr. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy – President of HSU and students at the event.
The students are also the organizers of EOS Summer 2023.

With the effort, time and enthusiasm spent, HSU students’ products have received compliments from professionals and business representatives. It is the boundless creativity of youth, serious, thoughtful and somewhat daring investment.

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