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Hoa Sen University holds a Graduation Ceremony and opening of the master’s program in 2023

On December 16, 2023, the Institute of Graduate Studies & Leadership – Hoa Sen University (HSU) held a Graduation Ceremony & Opening Ceremony of the Master’s training program to honor the faces of new Masters, and at the same time welcoming new students.

The new HSU masters and the moment of tossing their hats officially closed the course.

The School’s Master’s program has so far built trust with the community as more and more students come from large, multinational businesses, as well as many students holding management and leadership positions or business owner.

Dr. Doan Minh Chau – Director of the Institute of Graduate Studies & Leadership and new masters at the ceremony.

The 2023 Graduation & Opening Ceremony of the Master’s program honors the self-exploration efforts of new Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and English Language (MAE); At the same time, it also motivates students who are preparing to embark on a new and ambitious knowledge journey. The ceremony was honored to welcome distinguished guests who were leaders of partner businesses, Board of Directors, leaders of faculties, institutes and centers of Hoa Sen University, and the Board of Lecturers of Entrepreneurship of the Master’s program, and the participation of their families and relatives contributed to warmth and spread pride to the new Masters and new students.

Dr. Phan Thi Vietnam – Vice Principal of HSU and business representatives at the ceremony.
Dr. Doan Minh Chau – Director of the Institute of Graduate Studies & Leadership spoke at the ceremony.

One of the typical faces of new Masters is Mr. Le Huu Hoa Loc, Valedictorian of the English Language major and currently the Legal – Administrative & Human Resources Director of Thien An Education Services & Development Company Limited . The interesting thing is that Master Hoa Loc was also the valedictorian of the Bachelor of International Commercial Law! It was the passion for teaching languages that motivated Master Hoa Loc to be determined to conquer the English Language major at the Master’s level and successfully maintain the title of Valedictorian once again despite starting from the wrong field. The skills and experience accumulated from the Master’s program in English Language along with in-depth legal knowledge and understanding have supported Anh Loc in building and operating his family’s Foreign Language Center.

New Master Le Huu Hoa Loc – Valedictorian majoring in English Language and currently Director of Legal – Administration & Human Resources of Thien An Education Development & Service Co., Ltd. gave a sharing speech.

On behalf of the new Masters, Valedictorian Master Hoa Loc expressed their gratitude to the Board of Directors and teachers, especially the family for always accompanying, supporting and being a great source of motivation for the new Masters to complete their learning journey.

He shared with great emotion: “Two months before graduating with a Bachelor of International Commercial Law, I received a job offer at an English Center in Thu Duc as a legal consultant. During my time working here, the inspiration from the teachers and the learning atmosphere of English classes gradually nurtured in me a passion for English. I realized the limitations of my English skills and started improving through self-study and courses to improve my abilities. 2 years later, I left that center as Deputy Director to begin pursuing my passion for teaching English. I am lucky to have the companionship of my wife – a Bachelor of English Language – to further strengthen my passion. Thanks to that, our Thien An English Center was born, and is now 7 years old.”

Dr. Phan Thi Vietnam – Vice President of HSU awarded the Master’s degree to Valedictorian – Mr. Le Huu Hoa Loc. Especially, Mr. Loc also had the companionship of his daughter on this important occasion.

With an application and practical orientation, Master’s programs at Hoa Sen University not only help students systematize specialized knowledge but also have many opportunities to exchange experiences, practical rubbing from prestigious experts, big business leaders thematic sessions in the modules, seminars, talk shows. In addition, students also develop business connections and expand career opportunities for themselves through experiential activities of the elite graduate community – Hoa Sen Graduate and thereby promoting creativity, applying the knowledge learned from the program to work and especially improving self-management and business management skills.

Master Le Huu Hoa Loc also shared sincerely: “During my time holding center management and teaching positions, I realized that my English knowledge and skills still needed an in-depth and quality investment, and that was when I reached out to Hoa Sen University’s Master of English Language course, a well-known research institution in Saigon through research and referrals from my teachers, who are also alumni of the school. And actually, I was not disappointed with the methodical curriculum, constantly updating knowledge and sharing reality from teachers to support students in practical work through subjects I first heard such as Language Center Manager, Computer linguistics, etc. Besides, there are dedicated, highly qualified teaching staff and facilities, a rich library of materials, and close to the research needs of students.”

Hoa Sen University’s Master training programs are increasingly trusted as more and more students register and many business partners choose to be their human resource training facility. With a fair and transparent admission process, recently, the Institute of Graduate Studies & Leadership also welcomed new members to join Hoa Sen University! In the atmosphere of pride and joy spread from the new Masters, the new learners were also inspired to study towards the goal of conquering new knowledge milestones, becoming better versions of themselves.

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