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A series of warm Christmas activities of HSU students

Many Christmas celebration activities of Hoa Sen University (HSU) students from faculties, clubs, Unions – Student Association were organized to welcome a warm and peaceful Christmas season.

1. Christmas Gathering for international students

A close and warm meeting helped HSU international students feel more “home” during the Christmas season. Because they are in the exchange semester at HSU, they have not been able to return to their families. However, right at the Lotus House, the gathering was held on December 21 just before Christmas. They chatted, enjoyed Christmas carols, made cakes together and sent each other Christmas gifts.

Specially, Nha Sen’s “team” contacted relatives, families, and friends of students from France, Belgium… 💝 to send messages through cards to them. This is a moment that makes international students emotional and feels like they can “come back home”.

2. Appreciation night for parents of Hoa Sen – De Montfort International Program students.

In a warm atmosphere with sincere confessions, on the evening of December 22, the Christmas celebration of Hoa Sen – De Montfort International Program brought many emotions to students and parents.

2023 is the first year Hoa Sen University launches the Hoa Sen – De Montfort International Training Program, affiliated with De Montfort University (UK). This was also their first Christmas at the Sen House. Specially, the meeting was prepared by the students themselves for their parents. This is an opportunity for students to express their gratitude and thank their families for the past year.

3. Project “Your dream 2 – Christmas for you” at Children’s Hospital 1

YOUR DREAM 2 – project organized by students of the Faculty of Hospitality, Hoa Sen University. With the desire to bring positivity to the children being treated at Children’s Hospital 1, these little angels are carrying a lot of invisible pressure. And YOUR DREAM 2 comes back to continue of creating happiness for the children. In this new season, we will bring a loving event in the upcoming Christmas season.

YOUR DREAM 2 has brought a playground filled with laughter and joy from attractive and fun performances. Not stopping there, we also packed surprises and warmth into special gifts for the children. Hopefully the children at Children’s Hospital 1 will have a wonderful and happy experience in their childhood. Hope they always stay healthy and achieve their future dreams.

4. Lawy Santa’s Gift Reunion

Although LAWY SANTA’S GIFT is only a small “intimate” party, it has brought Lawy Club members warm and happy moments with friends and loved ones before Christmas 2023.

Lawy Club organized an intimate meeting with the club’s members.

Lawy would like to send our most sincere thanks to everyone who attended and gave love to Lawy during the past time. We hope to continue to receive everyone’s support and love in upcoming events.

5. HR Hub Club: A warm Christmas journey

To share warmth with less fortunate people, lecturers from the Faculty of Management Economics – Business and members of the HR Hub Club have prepared hundreds of gifts for homeless people in Ho Chi Minh City.

The HR Hub Club’s Warm Christmas Convoy 2023 has successfully departed, spreading a message of love and happiness. Loaded with gifts on the car, red flags named HR HUB waved all over the roads, making our convoy – Warm Christmas 2023 shine brightly everywhere. Every smile received, from both the gift recipient and the gift giver, made the project once again take place fully, helping to add more humane and meaningful values.

6. Christmas fair

On December 24, the Christmas Fair organized by students of the Faculty of Hospitality took place at Thanh Thai campus. This Christmas fair is for Hoa Sen students as well as everyone who loves shopping and sustainable fashion to come and enjoy shopping, fun, and entertainment at the end of the year with friends and family.

HSU’s Christmas Fair was held at Thanh Thai campus with a variety of items.

Here, students hope that old items will have a chance to find new owners without being thrown into the environment when they are still useful and of course, at the fair we will still have booths with new items. The Christmas Fair will deduct 15% of profits to send to charity houses and shelters in Ho Chi Minh City.

7. Christmas tree making workshop

The workshop was organized by students of the Faculty of Management – Business. Decorate your own special tree in your own style. With very simple materials such as colorful velvet zinc and beautiful small decorative accessories, the workshop “Making a Christmas tree” has helped students bring the whole Christmas season home.

In addition to unleashing their creativity, they also enjoyed delicious glasses of water from two sponsors of the program with the desire that “your joy is the priority”

The activities not only bring interesting experiences to the students but also spread love and sharing with the community this Christmas season.

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