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6 factors that help Hoa Sen University become a school that “respects the differences”

Not only the training program, the quality of teaching but also the learning environment is also one of the important factors to help students choose a university. With the motto “respecting the difference”, Hoa Sen University (HSU) is one of the names chosen by many students to stick with for 4 years.

Let’s take a look at 6 factors that make HSU a school that “respects the differences”.

At Hoa Sen University, students are free to express their own views

Freedom to express personal opinion

At HSU, students have the opportunity to develop personally in all aspects, to be in control of themselves, to express their opinions and defend their personal opinions in a civilized manner. This is clearly reflected in each activity, movement as well as the learning process of the students. Like students, lecturers at HSU have the right to express different opinions, as long as they do not go against the collective interest.

Any suggestions and questions reflected through information channels are received, answered and resolved by the University.

HSU students are also free to express their personality through costumes and styles… Many students have compared that, Hoa Sen University’s yard is like a fashion runway, students are free to express their own style while still ensuring the purity of customs.

Classroom without a podium

Hoa Sen University is one of the few schools that maintains a lecture hall without a podium. The classrooms are arranged in their own style, so that students are most comfortable. The design of a new learning space, in order to shorten the distance between lecturers and students, helps students confidently exchange and criticize in the learning process.

Classrooms without a podium bridge the gap between lecturers and students.

Learn from practice

With a program that is enhanced with absolute practice, students will learn a lot of interesting things from trips, contacts with businesses, practice facilities …

HSU students organize an event to set a Vietnamese record with the model of Vietnamese culinary map

In addition, HSU students will carry out their own projects and projects in a creative way, from ideation, staging, production, and logistics. In particular, the students also self-implemented marketing, calling for sponsorship and investment from businesses. Some typical projects that make up the brand of HSU students such as Fashion Creation Show of the Faculty of Art Design, The Future Chef of the Faculty of Tourism – Restaurant – Hotel, Building a brand identity (Logo) ) of HCMC Metro… This is also the difference of HSU students.

There is no way for “Copy-Paste”

At HSU, each student is assigned an account on the Turnitin plagiarism checker software. Students will have to submit their reports and articles through this software to check the similarity.

The implementation of this software aims to reduce plagiarism, help learners improve their own products, and improve academic integrity. This is also a unique feature that many HSU alumni mention even after graduating.

Close support from the School and Lecturers

A special thing about HSU is that students always receive close support from the School Board of Directors and their teachers. The school plays the role of a “launcher”, accompanying and supporting students in projects.

Team of experienced teachers of HSU

The teachers will be the companions with the students in each learning journey, implementing the project whenever, wherever and in any form. “Teachers with heart” is one of the pride that students talk about about Hoa Sen University. Besides, HSU lecturers are all excellent teachers, graduated from famous foreign universities, always dynamic, creative and innovative in teaching methods.

Playground for lively experience

Hoa Sen University is a place that creates many activities for students to have vivid experiences. Nearly 30 clubs in many fields from academics, culture, arts, sports, entrepreneurship… help students promote their talents and interests. Hundreds of workshops, webinars, talk shows with famous artists such as Artist Tran Thanh, Supermodel Minh Tu, Miss Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien, MC – Hotgirl Khanh Vy… and CEOs, business leaders from many fields . HSU also invested in many playgrounds through a series of big events such as Welcome Day, Hoa Sen Tour, Hello Spring 2023, giving 10,000 meaningful Tet gifts to students…

HSU students interact with MC Khanh Vy and artists.

With these points, students are free to develop their own personality, become the best version of themselves.

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