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5 HSU students were accepted for internships at the Grand Hyatt hotel in the US

On the afternoon of August 11, the leadership team of Grand Hyatt Hotel (USA) visited and discussed and interviewed with students of the Hotel Management major, Hoa Sen Elite program of Hoa Sen University (HSU) about the internship program in the US.

Mr. Marc Sternagel – General Manager (GM) Grand Hyatt Nashville Hotel discussed with students.

The leadership team includes: Mr. Marc Sternagel – General Director (GM) Grand Hyatt Nashville Hotel; Mr. Gideon Packianathan – HR Director of Grand Hyatt Nashville Hotel and Mr. David Causer – Business Development Director of Global Educational Concepts.

At the meeting, representatives of Grand Hyatt Hotel shared about the environment and opportunities to work at Grand Hyatt, one of the MOST LUXURIOUS hotels in Nashville in the US.

Especially, after the exchange process, 5 HSU students including: Quach Thanh Dat, Luu Le Minh Man, Ha Hoang Phi, Nguyen Thanh Truc, Nguyen Thi Thao Van participated in a direct interview with the General Director and Human Resources Director of Grand Hyatt Nashville to apply for an internship at the Hotel. Representatives from Grand Hyatt Nashville Hotel also highly appreciated the professional capacity, English and attitude of the students, especially the 5 students who participated in the internship interviews.

Student Ha Hoang Phi interviewed directly with Mr. Gideon Packianathan – HR Director of Grand Hyatt Hotel Nashville.

Commenting after the interview process of HSU students, Mr. Marc Sternagel shared: “I see that the students have been well trained and prepared from the first steps in their careers. I feel very inspired by that, and if possible I will take you all on board to go back to the Grand Hyatt with us.Coming to Grand Hyatt, we don’t need to teach them how to make coffee, they already know it. But we can help them how to handle everyday situations, deal with superiors, manage people…”

Mr. Marc Sternagel – General Manager (GM) of Grand Hyatt Hotel Nashville interviews with HSU students.

Directly interviewed with business leaders from abroad, Ha Hoang Phi – 4th year student majoring in Hotel Management, Hoa Sen Elite program said: “I applied for the First Office position at Grand Hyatt Hotel. At first I was quite nervous, but with what I had learned and having applied at a few big hotels, I performed quite well in my interview. I think this is a great opportunity that the School has created for us to take and work at one of America’s top hotels.”

Representatives of Grand Hyatt, representatives of Hoa Sen University and students at the event.

By interviewing with international leaders and experts, Hoa Sen University has created conditions for students to improve their interview skills, apply with foreign businesses, have internship opportunities and work at leading hotels in the world. At the same time, it affirms once again 2 core values: International standards and Real learning Real practicing at HSU.

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