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The high quality of student training brings great success for Hoa Sen University

At Hoa Sen University, the percentage of students who have a job before graduation has always reached over 83% continuously for many years.

According to the latest statistics, the rate of new graduates of Hoa Sen University having a job before the 35th graduation ceremony (January 2020) is very high, programs with a 100% employment rate are Management Information Systems, Media Production and Management, and Applied Mathematics.

Solving unemployment problem

Many programs with very high employment rates are Finance and Banking (95.7%), Restaurant Management (95.5%), International Business (94.3%), Hotel Management (94.1%), Information Technology (93.8%), and Marketing (92.3%).

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Dien, President of Hoa Sen University said: “In order to get this result, the university implemented many measures, including two large groups of measures. Firstly, the university constantly promotes connection and cooperation with businesses in general and also with employers in the design as well as in updating and perfecting the content of the academic programs according to the HSU’s direction to meet social needs. Secondly, the university builds and develops high-quality academic programs, taught in English, with international output standards. These programs are considered as a strong base to bring learners into the global working environment in the sense of dedication and conquering”.

Hoa Sen University has a team of highly qualified lecturers, advanced teaching methods, and a lot of practical experience. Throughout the process of developing an academic program, establishing a new program, developing a course outline, etc., there are consultations and criticisms from experienced business partners. Most of the specialized courses have visiting lecturers who are currently holding management positions and holding high degrees in large companies and enterprises.

Every year, each faculty with different major groups of HSU organizes seminars, and workshops with businesses and alumni to exchange and listen to comments on market needs and working capacity requirements in careers. Students have 2 internships at enterprises, including 1 work experience internship in the second year and 1 graduation internship.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Bich, an alumnus of the Environmental and Natural Resources Management Program (The class of 2014), is currently Deputy Head of the Office of Consulting and Technology Transfer, Envi-School Environmental Training and Consulting Co., Ltd. said: “My knowledge that I learned at Hoa Sen University has equipped me with many necessary skills and opportunities to practice through each internship period at the company. This not only helps me quickly integrate into the real environment but also meets the strict requirements of the business.”

“Hoa Sen University is an ideal environment for each student to experience meaningful youth. Students are equipped with useful knowledge from modern liberal education and create the best conditions for comprehensive development”, said Tran Thi Bao Trinh (a student in the English Language Studies Program at Hoa Sen University).

Besides that, at Hoa Sen University, students are also encouraged to join clubs or organize competitions to accumulate experience and maximize the capacity and interests of each individual. HSU’s students regularly participate in student exchange programs with universities in France, Thailand, Belgium, Finland, etc. to help improve their foreign language skills and integrate into a multicultural international environment.

This explains why Hoa Sen’s students always have a prominent advantage to employers, with good specialized knowledge, soft skills, and fluent in foreign languages. The program follows the credit system that allows students to design their own learning routes to shorten the time and the opportunity to receive 2 university degrees at the same time.

Building a smart-university

Hoa Sen University focused on “digital transformation” in administration and operation a few years ago. The first ERP system is applied in training, student management and other operational management processes are being implemented gradually. Hoa Sen University is taking the first solid steps in the digital transformation of university operations and administration.

Currently, Hoa Sen University is gradually improving its computer software for teaching and learning.

The university is implementing many e-learning classes and “blended learning” (integrated learning methods between in-person class and online class). According to the roadmap, all programs have a certain number of appropriate courses organized in these forms. The university is also implementing artificial intelligence in teaching and learning as well as in university operations.

Learning outcomes assessment methods as well as feedback and internal information from all courses in the university can be implemented via mobile apps.

With the strength of a multidisciplinary university, in 2019, Hoa Sen University started implementing a research project on STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Math) applied in higher education and the community. This will be a contribution in terms of the practical application of Hoa Sen University in preparing for the young generation to be ready to adapt to the new stage of development.

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