Innovations in Teaching and Learning English teaching methods at tertiary level, how?
Minh Phong December 17, 2022 15:34 (GMT+7) GD&ĐT – Workshop “ Innovations in Teaching and Learning English teaching methods at tertiary level – A response to social needs” took place on December 17 in Ha Noi, Speaking at the opening, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Bao Duong – Deputy Director of the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture said: “The conference received 50 scientific research papers. There are 26 articles selected for publication in the conference proceedings.” The conference attracted more than 70 delegates from 15 universities, colleges, high schools and English centers nationwide. The main purpose of the conference is to provide a...
Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS): Creating breakthroughs in many aspects
Minh Phong December 21, 2022 10:26 (GMT+7) GD&ĐT – Currently, there are more than 200 higher education institutions (HEIs) using and updating the Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS). This is a useful tool, contributing to the development and improvement of the quality of higher education in Vietnam in the future. Mrs. Tran Nhat Tan – Deputy Director of the Support for Autonomous Higher Education Project (SAHEP), Ministry of Education and Training (GD&ĐT) had an exchange in the Education & Times Newspaper around this issue. There will be a unified database. – Madam, what does HEMIS mean for higher education? “The...
The high quality of student training brings great succeed for Hoa Sen University
At Hoa Sen University, the percentage of students who have a job before graduation has always reached over 83% continuously for many years. According to the latest statistics, the rate of new graduates of Hoa Sen University have a job before the 35th graduation ceremony (January 2020) is very high, in which, programs with 100% employment rate are: Management Information Systems, Media Production and Management, Applied Mathematics. Solving unemployment problem Many programs with very high employment rates are: Finance and Banking (95.7%), Restaurant Management (95.5%), International Business (94.3%), Hotel Management (94.1%), Information Technology (93.8%), Marketing (92.3%). Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen...
The process of training programs quality assurance at Hue University according to AUN-QA standards
The article presented the results on quality assurance of training programs research after the author formulated key concepts of quality assurance, output standards and program evaluation of AUN-QA (ASEAN Universities Network – Quality) Assurance), also appraised the situation of current training programs. Then the author has proposed a general process for Hue University. This process includes: quality assurance of output, input, process, output and feedback from stakeholders’ needs in order to help Hue University deploy to ensure the quality of training programs in the integration period in general and for faculties/programs to apply when developing/updating training programs and course programs...
Counseling skills of Academic Advisors according to the credit system
Credit-based training system is an inevitable change for Vietnamese higher education to keep pace with worldwide education. The requirement of credit-based learning is that students must be active in learning. However, in reality, students face many difficulties in orientation. To meet above situation, academic advisors of universities need to have necessary counseling skills to assist students in choosing how to study, the learning process, what to study, how to study, and so on. Academic Advisors also need to give students advice about the time of graduation which is suitable for each student’s ability to help students maximize their own capacity...
Developing program learning outcomes and course learning outcomes.
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