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The high quality of student training brings great success for Hoa Sen University
At Hoa Sen University, the percentage of students who have a job before graduation has always reached over 83% continuously for many years. According to the latest statistics, the rate of new graduates of Hoa Sen University having a job before the 35th graduation ceremony (January 2020) is very high, programs with a 100% employment rate are Management Information Systems, Media Production and Management, and Applied Mathematics. Solving unemployment problem Many programs with very high employment rates are Finance and Banking (95.7%), Restaurant Management (95.5%), International Business (94.3%), Hotel Management (94.1%), Information Technology (93.8%), and Marketing (92.3%). Assoc. Prof. Dr....
Quality assurance process for academic programs at Hue University by AUN-QA standards
The paper discusses the research findings related to quality assurance for academic programs. The author has proposed a quality assurance process that can be applied to Hue University by outlining the key concepts of quality assurance, expected learning outcomes, program assessment by AUN-QA (ASEAN Universities Network – Quality Assurance) as well as assessing the current state of academic programs. The proposed process includes quality assurance of learning outcomes, input and output, process, and stakeholders’ needs. This is essential for the implementation of program quality assurance during the integration stage and for faculties/ departments to use when developing or revising academic...
Self-assessment report writing skills at the program level according to AUN-QA standards
Objectives of the training session: To access full text: click here
Blended Learning
In recent years, great advances in learning technologies have made it easier for lecturers to implement new e-learning practices of which blended and flipped teaching approaches seem to gain as much attention in the education industry thanks to their benefits for lecturers and students. We have summarized some of the recent research and understandings related to blended learning and the flipped classroom. To access full text: click here
Counseling skills of Academic Advisors under credit-based system
The implementation of a credit-based education system is a crucial step for Vietnamese higher education to meet global standards. This system requires students to take an active role in their studies. However, in practice, many students face challenges in determining their academic direction. Therefore, academic advisors at universities need to have the necessary counseling skills to guide students in selecting their learning style, learning process, academic subjects, study techniques, and graduation timeline based on each student’s capabilities, enabling them to maximize their potential and achieve optimal academic outcomes. To access full text: click here.


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