The process of training programs quality assurance at Hue University according to AUN-QA standards

The article presented the results on quality assurance of training programs research after the author formulated key concepts of quality assurance, output standards and program evaluation of AUN-QA (ASEAN Universities Network – Quality) Assurance), also appraised the situation of current training programs. Then the author has proposed a general process for Hue University. This process includes: quality assurance of output, input, process, output and feedback from stakeholders’ needs in order to help Hue University deploy to ensure the quality of training programs in the integration period in general and for faculties/programs to apply when developing/updating training programs and course programs in particular. In addition, the results of this study also help managers and instructors to use it as references and apply them in their management and teaching.
Article link: /sites/default/files/chera/2018/user1021/obe.pdf

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