Hoa Sen University

Hoa Sen University received Quality Provider Award from NEAS (Australia)

Hoa Sen University has been chosen to receive the “Quality Provider Award – New Member” from NEAS for its dedication and commitment to the quality of English language teaching program.

The “Quality Provider Award – New Member” is given to recently endorsed NEAS member who has demonstrated devotion and diligence to the quality of English language teaching program. The award was presented at this year’s NEAS Management Conference in Sydney, Australia, in May 2023.

Dr. Patrick Pheasant – CEO of NEAS announced the award

This award shows NEAS’s acknowledgment and appreciation for the quality of Hoa Sen University’s English language teaching program. On top of that, NEAS also values the passion and ongoing efforts of the University striving for improvement. This award sets an important milestone for Hoa Sen University in its internationalization journey.

The “Quality Provider Award – New Member” plaque

*Hoa Sen University achieved its first NEAS endorsement for the English for International Communication program in 2022. The University continues its endorsement in 2023 by completing the self-assessment exercise. This marks 2 years in a row that the University received international recognization for its English language teaching program.

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