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Throughout its development journey, Hoa Sen University has always put an emphasis on quality assurance in order to improve academic quality, meet its objectives, vision, mission, and strategic goals, as well as meet the Higher Education Law’s educational objective requirements and society’s human resource demands. On April 28, 2008, the Quality Assurance – Inspection Department was established with the mission of consulting the Board of Presidents on quality assurance, inspection, and examination of the University’s academic affairs, as well as ensuring compliance with laws and the University’s regulations and enhancing academic quality. On May 31, 2017, the President of Hoa...
Roles and Responsibilities
I. Roles The Office of Testing – Quality Assurance is responsible for assisting the University’s Board of Presidents in organizing educational testing, developing, enhancing, and managing full-time undergraduate programs, developing the University’s internal quality assurance system, guiding and supervising quality assurance processes at divisions to ensure they met quality objectives and standards, and conducting periodic quality assessments and accreditation according to international and Ministry of Education and Training standards. II. Responsibilities
Organizational Chart
1. Office of Testing – Quality Assurance’s Organizational Chart 2. Personnel Structure
Office of Testing- Quality Assurance
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