Overview (About us, What we do)

I. About us:
– Our Office of Testing – Quality assurance is a unit that assisting and advising the Board of Presidents.
– Our team performs essential functions around organize testing; develop the quality assurance system of education-training inside the University; guide and supervise the process of ensuring the quality of education – training at the units in accordance with the objectives and quality standards; periodically implement internal quality inspection.

II. What we do
1. Advise the Board of Presidents on strategies, goals and policies on testing activities and ensure the quality assurance of the school in accordance with regulations, core values of the school in order to ensure and improve the quality of education – training.

2. Implement the testing
a) Develop, promulgate and update regulations, processes related to testing.
b) Monitor and inspect the implementation of documents on testing work after they are issued.
c) Coordinating with the Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Information Technology, Faculties and other relevant units in building and managing test bank system.
d) Develop and implement programs and projects of domestic and global engagement in the field of testing.
e) Research and develop new methods of testing and evaluation.
f) Analyzing and evaluating of training quality on testing data.
g) Participate in training courses and organize training workshops for instructors on testing.

3. Promote the implementation of educational quality assurance
a) Develop and implement the University’s quality assurance goals, policies, and plans.
b) Build the quality assurance database at the institution, coordinate with relevant units to organize the implementation and guide the inspection of quality assurance work at the University, also giving some advices to the Board of Presidents on improving quality assurance conditions.
c) Consulting, supporting and monitoring the Faculties/ Institutes to make self-assessment reports, register or organize the implementation of quality assessment activities at the same level.
d) Monitor and recommend relevant units to maintain and develop training quality assurance conditions.
e) Advise the President on choosing standards, a unit for assessment and accreditation of education quality at the campus level and program level.
f) Organize training courses on quality accreditation activities for employees, instructors and staff at the University;
g) Implement other tasks assigned by the President.

4. Management, review and improvement of training programs
a) Advising and assisting the President in determining training objectives, training scale, industry structure, opening new programs or majors; research measures to improve and improve the contents, programs, processes, curriculum, training methods and quality management of higher education.
b) Participating with training units in developing, evaluating, updating and improving training programs and course outlines according to international standards, meeting social needs, ensuring standards of knowledge and skills ability of learners after graduation, meeting the requirements of connection between levels.
c) Organize research, identify training needs as a basis for making training development plans and training activities of the University.
d) Develop documents and guidelines on the management of training programs and courses of the University.

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