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Hoa Sen University welcomes the AUN-QA Delegation for program assessment

From June 11 to June 13, 2024, Hoa Sen University welcomed the AUN-QA Assessor Team to assess four programs, including the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, Bachelor of Arts in Media Production and Management, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Arts in English Language Studies.

With a vision to become an internationally accredited university of applied sciences, Hoa Sen University consistently emphasizes both internal and external quality assurance. The AUN-QA Program Assessment this time will further contribute to the improvement and enhancement of the University’s academic programs and overall activities.

Dr. Phan Thi Viet Nam – Vice President of Hoa Sen University along with the AUN-QA Delegation

At the opening ceremony on June 11, 2024, Dr. Phan Thị Việt Nam, Vice President of the University, stated: “Hoa Sen University is committed to improving the quality of education and providing society with individuals fully equipped with intellectual and moral standards, abundant life experiences, well-defined occupational orientations, and committed ambitions. With our programs being assessed by AUN-QA this time, prospective students and other stakeholders will have more compelling evidence to place their complete trust in Hoa Sen University. We look forward to the constructive recommendations from the experienced AUN-QA assessors to further enhance the quality of our academic programs.”

Dr. Phan Thi Viet Nam speaking at the Opening Ceremony

Dr. Phan Thi Viet Nam and the Chief Assessor, Prof. Dr. Myrna S. Austria

The 391st AUN-QA Program Assessment at Hoa Sen University included eight assessors who are quality assurance experts from renowned universities in Southeast Asia, such as the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. Over three days, the Assessor Team worked closely with the programs’ management team including heads and deputy heads of faculties, program directors, and the SAR teams. They also engaged with stakeholders such as lecturers, support staff, students, alumni, and employers. The assessors also went on a tour around the campuses to explore its facilities and student support services.

Photos of Interview sessions

Facility visits at the University’s campuses

After a thorough assessment, the Assessor Team commended the University for its program structure and learning outcomes, which align with market and stakeholder needs. They highlighted the integration of experiential learning into the curriculum, the high ratings of graduates by employers, the qualifications of academic staff, and the diverse organization of academic activities such as workshops and seminars. The assessors also provided several recommendations for further improvement.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy, President of Hoa Sen University, presented commemorative gifts
to the AUN-QA Delegation

Hoa Sen University’s staff with the AUN-QA Delegation

* Previously, Hoa Sen University had eight programs successfully assessed by AUN-QA, including English Language Studies and Hotel Management in 2019; Restaurant Management, Information Technology, and Interior Design in 2021; and Travel and Tourism Management, Software Engineering, and Graphic Design in 2022. Additionally, the University has five programs accredited by ACBSP, three programs accredited by FIBAA, and the English for International Communication program endorsed by NEAS in 2022.

* AUN-QA (ASEAN University Network – Quality Assurance) is a reputable quality assessment organization run by the ASEAN University Network that comprehensively assesses the programs of educational institutions across the region. AUN-QA includes 8 criteria, which are Expected Learning Outcomes, Programme Structure and Content, Teaching and Learning Approach, Student Assessment, Academic Staff, Student Support Services, Facilities and Infrastructure, and Output and Outcomes.

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