Hoa Sen University officially meets the quality standards of educational institutions according to the new standards of the Ministry of Education and Training.

In the process of HSU’s building and developing, the University always focus on the work of quality assurance aims to enhance training quality, especially in self-assessment process. Therefore, since 2018, HSU has started self-assessment at the educational institution level according to Circular 12 of the Ministry of Education and Training issued on May 19, 2017. On November 8, 2019, the external assessment team conducted a survey, interview and observation on HSU’s activities. Thereby, they pointed out suggestions, shortcomings, as well as inappropriate evidences so that the University can continue to timely edit for the official survey. From November 21 to November 27, 2019, the external assessment team conducted an official survey of HSU’s campuses

The external assessment team conducts an official survey of HSU from November 21-27, 2019

Through the process of self-assessment, HSU has completed the self-assessment report and submitted it to the Ministry of Education and Training, and then the school is allowed to sign an Out-of-institution Evaluation contract with the Center for Education Accreditation – Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges. The university also completed the preliminary and official verification process with good results. On February 14, 2020, Hoa Sen University officially received the Certificate of Accreditation of Educational Institutions according to the new standards of the Ministry of Education and Training and then it became the next non-public university to meet the quality accreditation standards at institutional level.

Certificate of accreditation at institutional level for Hoa Sen University.

Dr. Phan Thi Viet Nam – Head of Office of Testing – Quality Assurance said: “To achieve this result, each member of the University has made constant efforts, always showing the spirit of cooperation and understanding the culture of quality during the past time. This result is also the most convincing evidence showing the commitment and transparency of the University’s training quality and service to stakeholders, creating peace of mind and trust for learners and employers. We are well aware of “Quality is a journey, not a destination”. Therefore, with this assessment result, the University will continue to promote the promotion of strengths and improve the weak points according to the recommendations of external evaluators to improve the quality of teaching and learning as well as enhancing quality culture in the university”.

With recognized accreditation results, according to the provisions of the Law on Higher Education Amendment in 2018, Hoa Sen University officially has autonomy right in opening new majors, determining enrollment quotas and implementing transnational education…

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